8-30-12 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

County fairgrounds are a community asset

To the editor:

The Carver County Fair is always a summer high point for families with children and especially families with children in 4-H, FFA, and anyone showing vegetables, art or animals. The other activities like the tractor pull, demo derby, motorcycle races and horse events, are great fun.
I would like to give a big thank you to the dedicated Fair Board members and their crew for the great job planning and pulling off one of the best county fairs in the five-state area. Please know that the opinion offered so strongly in the Patriot Aug. 16 edition was from one person.
Although parking, noise and lights may have an impact on our neighbors, it is only for five days out of 365. If you lived by an airport it would be 24 hours 7 seven days a week 365 days a year. If you lived next to a busy road, a ball park, a strip mall, you would have lights and traffic also.
The fairgrounds have been in that spot for over 50 years; you had to know it was there when you moved into your home. You picked your home and probably enjoy it, except for activities on the grounds.
Many people living around the fairgrounds enjoy watching events from their yards and decks. These activities are family friendly … not many of those left, are there?

Sue Lowy

Nation at crossroads with presidential election

To the editor:

As election day is just over two months, the political news is going to become fast and furious. While there are hundreds of other key races across the nation, nothing is as important as the presidential race.
While other federal, state and local contests will help with supportive policy direction, they will be in vain if Romney doesn’t win. This election will either solidify the socialist direction of Obama or return us to a free market supply side approach. We are at a crossroads and must decide who will win: the producers or the takers. Is there still a spark of American “exceptionalism” left or has it been replaced by government handouts? We shall soon find out.
The economic policies of Obama have shown how “well” they work. We continue to re-invent the government stimulus approach in order to jump start the economy. Evidently it doesn’t matter that it fails everywhere its tried. Excessive government spending and easy Fed Reserve monetary policy comes at a cost to the private sector. Businesses now have less capital to invest, hence expansion and job growth suffer. Failed government spending have no consequences while entrepreneurs have everything to lose. Business must answer to their stockholders while government merely writes another “IOU.”
Is $5 trillion of Obama spending enough of an example? Is $16 trillion dollars of national debt (yes, some Republicans are at fault) a big enough number? How about 46 million Americans on welfare with the USDA encouraging more to sign up? How many times must we have this debate?
I am heartened that with the addition of Paul Ryan, the Romney campaign will keep the economy and jobs the central theme. Team Obama will have their hands full trying to debate reality. The Democrats can only obfuscate the truth, engage in class warfare and revert to obtuse tabloid topics. The last thing the Democrats want is a serious debate over the last four years. Yet that is what they are going to get! I fully expect Romney/Ryan to stay on point and deliver a clear road map towards a brighter economic future. When the Democrats and their media allies demagogue, Romney/Ryan must artfully explain their positions once again. They must take the message directly to the voters.
I firmly believe that history will look back at the 2012 election as a benchmark where America decided to either return to sound economic policies or continue down the road to serfdom. The differences couldn’t be greater nor the consequences more profound.

Joe Polunc

Strive for one-man-one-woman-for-life marriage

To the editor:

Today I would like to address a comment made in a letter to this newspaper (entitled “Same-sex marriage would strengthen society”) on Aug. 23. In his letter, the writer referred to a statement I had made in a letter the previous week (entitled “Be well informed, not deceived”). In my letter I had said, “Marriage between one man and one woman is as it has always been, long before governments existed, in societies all over the world.”
The writer contends that my statement is a “myth” and “simply untrue.” Unfortunately, my use of the word “always” was misinterpreted. I meant it in the sense that marriage has been between one man and one woman from the beginning. Regrettably, it has not remained that way consistently and everywhere throughout history. The foundation for my belief lies in scripture: “Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one’?” (Matthew 19: 4,5). Also Genesis 1:27,28: “… male and female he created them. And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply…’.”
The writer is correct when pointing out that marriage has had other forms throughout history: multiple wives, woman as property, as a means of uniting property between families, or even to secure peace or alliances between nations. (Notice that even those marriages are all between men and women.) The writer suggests that this shows “marriage has evolved and changed over the millennia” and that it is “societal evolution” that has brought about such changes.
I believe it illustrates that the secular desires of mankind have caused people to stray from the true meaning of marriage at times. So called same-sex marriage would be another such departure from the truth of marriage.
As I said in my first letter: We should all be striving to return to the ideal of a one-man-one-woman-for-life marriage, not continuing to stray further away from it.
I encourage you to vote ‘YES’ for the Marriage Protection Amendment to preserve marriage as between one man and one woman.

Connie Henninger

Rep’s alleged behavior at event disappoints

To the editor:

Last Tuesday a program sponsored by the Eastern Carver County League of Women Voters was disrupted by uncivil behavior exhibited by State Rep. Ernie Leidiger.
The program speaker, a LWVMN volunteer, came to provide information about the proposed Photo ID Ballot Amendment. The event was held at a senior housing campus in Waconia. The speaker shared factual information from the Brennan Law Center (and other sources) on how this amendment might affect voting eligibility, who could be affected and why the League is opposing this constitutional amendment.
Rep. Leidiger interrupted repeatedly saying he had questions but, instead, spoke against the information presented. He also made unsupported claims that could not be checked during the presentation. When a LWV member, a constituent, told him she was disappointed with his incivility and yelling, he replied that he was just “loud.” Rep. Leidiger repeatedly asked why the LWV was not presenting both sides of the issue.
A member of the ECCLWV clarified the League’s procedure: Members carefully research issues, reach consensus of opinion on those issues, then publicly support the position reached.
The League is proud to be nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates or political parties but always working on vital issues of concern to members and the public. The League has a long history of careful, thoughtful research that is widely respected.
This “loudness” and interruption at an informational meeting is a bullying tactic that intimidates participants and does not foster informed citizenship. It also does not model the respect or standard of behavior that we should expect from a public official in a democracy.

Sharon Moeller, ECCLWV Chaska
Bev Geffert, ECCLWV Carver

Writer backs Weygand for State Senate D. 47

To the editor:

Jim Weygand has my support for State Senate because I believe it is important to educate our children and Jim supports education. He is a Beacon leader for School District 112.
I believe in supporting our libraries and Jim is on the Library Board. I believe in having strong, capable, competent leaders and Jim has already proven his leadership ability as former Mayor of Carver and a member of the Community Foundation of Carver County.
I believe that freedom is not free — therefore fair and equitable taxes are necessary and Jim will be a fiscally responsible leader.
I am proud to add my name to the growing list of Weygand supporters … check him out at www.jimweygand.com.

Becky Varone