Good MMR performance for Cologne Academy

The Minnesota Department of Education released new test scores for 2012 at the end of August, and Cologne Academy has a number of results to be proud of.

Last spring the first Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) scores were released for schools statewide, with data derived from math and reading scores in 2010 and 2011. That first MMR rating for Cologne Academy was 54.87 percent.

The most recent score, which reflects testing done during 2012, however, boosts Cologne Academy’s score to 58.49 — good enough to give the school a “Celebration Eligible” rating by placing it in the top 25 percent of schools.

The MMR measures proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction and graduation rates for high schools.

From a proficiency standpoint, Academy students are ahead of the state average in both reading (80.9 percent proficient compared to 76 percent statewide) and math (74.6 percent proficient to 62.1 percent statewide). In fact, the school scored in the 99th percentile for proficiency as compared to other schools around the state, scoring a 24.99 out of a possible 25 points.

As for growth, Cologne Academy students are also ahead of the statewide curve. In math, 81.2 percent of students exhibited medium/high growth compared to 76.8 percent statewide. In reading, 77.6 percent of Cologne Academy students showed medium/high growth compared to 76.7 percent statewide.

“In Cologne Academy’s four years of educating students we have a lot to celebrate and acknowledge with this data,” said Lynn Gluck Peterson, director of Cologne Academy, explaining that small class sizes affected the growth and achievement gap reduction numbers and led to a lower overall MMR score.

“Most schools in the state and surrounding communities have class sizes greater than 100. Cologne Academy, especially in these early years, will have very small class sizes in AYP reporting data. This creates academic transparency in results and also creates cell sizes that affect the statistical data,” she said.