9-6-12 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Writers praise kindness of local officers, citizen

To the editor:

Hearing the “thunk, thunk, thunk” which indicates a flat tire is always disconcerting. I called my emergency road service and was told they would arrive in 45 minutes.
I was pulled over to the curb just outside of Safari Island. Off-duty Officer Tim Gerber of the Carver County Sheriff’s Office had just completed his workout at Safari and he stopped to help. My jack proved inadequate and Officer Gerber’s was the wrong size, so he called his co-worker, Officer Ben Karnes, and used his jack to change my tire.
I know this incident is not dramatic — it is an every day occurrence. However, the professionalism and kindness these two officers exhibited was wonderful! Our lives are all improved by everyday kindnesses. Thank you, gentlemen, for your gallant assistance!

Carol Mack Root

To the editor:

On or about Aug. 15, I was returning home from Lester Prairie and I noticed that my car was running on “just about empty.”
As I approached St. Boni I saw a Holiday Gas Station. An angel helped me into the station. I made the comment that I was hoping one of the gas attendants would be so kind as to pump $8 worth of gas into my car.
This female angel replied she would do it for me. When I wanted to pay her the $8, she refused to take it, but said “to go on my way.”
I did not take notice immediately of how much gas there was in the car. Here this angel filled my tank to full. I am still riding on her generosity.
Thank you, thank you, a million times, and God bless you.

Betty McAllister

Leidiger responds to letter about LWV event

To the editor:

The League of Woman Voters must think that Minnesota Nice means you have to swallow anything they spew out including lies, misinformation, and fear-mongering, without anyone questioning their facts or motives.
They want you to wear gray, fall in line, and only believe their point of view after they scare you. This is also behavior true of those in the progressive movement in the Democrat Party.
So when someone questions them and they don’t like it, then their response is … well, he’s a bully! If standing up for truth means being labeled a bully by this organization, then it’s time they are exposed for who they really are, a left wing, progressive lap-dog group that has lost all credibility. How pathetic, they stoop to such disgusting behavior, blatantly spreading fear in our elderly population in these meetings, using propaganda created by the biased Brennen Law Center.
I’m responding to the League’s letter about me challenging them on their stance on the voter ID amendment at a recent public meeting at an assisted living facility in Waconia. I attended and what I heard was astounding.
The League wasn’t there providing information, they were conducting a take-no-prisoners, frontal assault on their audience using propaganda and fear tactics on the elderly to shut down the amendment.
The main speaker was from Minneapolis, not a local League member. Her slick speech and video was fear-mongering, distortions, and made up scenarios designed to frighten people to vote against the amendment.
The League is out trying to defeat it at all costs. One really has to wonder why they are so adamantly against verification, why anyone could be against it. I often think that maybe fraud is worse than any of us ever imagined.
Why else do progressives fight such a common sense initiative which is passing everywhere across the nation with excellent results. Why is the League silent about views from those in favor of the amendment. Why do they refuse to acknowledge the origins of the initiative, the bi-partisan Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, and the subsequent Jimmy Carter/James Baker Commission results of 2005 which fully recommended voter ID verification.
Instead, the League supported Mark Ritchie and the Democrats to throw out the amendment or change the title on the ballot to confuse voters. Thankfully, the Minnesota Supreme Court struck down the overt and highly illegal attempt of the Democrat Administration to confuse the voters by changing language of the amendment.
The League is against the amendment. They are wrong. Minnesotans will vote yes on the amendment this November and integrity will be restored in our voting system.

Rep. Ernie Leidiger

Did LWV Voter ID event present both sides?

To the editor:

When I saw the notice in the paper that a speaker from the League of Women Voters was coming to a senior housing campus in Waconia to talk about the proposed ID Ballot Amendment, it caught my attention.
I know the LWVMN is against the amendment and I wondered who would be there to represent the other side (voter ID to prevent election fraud). I tore the item out of the paper but — shame on me — I misplaced the notice, forgot about it, and didn’t go. Because I wasn’t there I cannot comment on State Representative Ernie Leidiger’s behavior, but I feel very strongly about presenting both sides of an issue, especially in care centers and schools.
I hope it was made clear to the senior citizen audience that this amendment will in no way affect this year’s presidential election and if the amendment is passed, there will be state help to get ID cards to all eligible voters.

Ann M. Hoffman

Editor’s Note: The League of Women Voters of Eastern Carver County (LWV ECC) is planning another Voter Photo ID Program. The program is open to the public and will be held in Community Room #2 at the Chanhassen Recreation Center (2310 Coulter Blvd.) at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Voter ID would help protect voters

To the editor:

Despite expressed worries about “trouble from the public,” ladies from the League of Women Voters (LWV) published a notice of their Voter ID presentation and “discussion” to be held at a “senior housing campus” in Waconia, and “welcomed” the “public” to attend. There were microphone problems throughout the meeting, making it sometimes difficult for the audience to hear the speaker. After the biased, scare-the-seniors LWV video presentation ended, audience member Rep. Ernie Leidiger was called on, and briefly allowed to make his voice heard. This, the LWV ladies curiously portray as “bullying” in their Aug. 30 letter to the Waconia Patriot.
They portray themselves as “nonpartisan,” and claim they are sharing “factual” information from the “Brennan Law Center.” Is this the same George Soros funded “Brennan Center,” which the Heritage Foundation reports, “used biased questioning to obtain their desired result” about Voter ID? See examples at the link below:
By using skewed and leading questions, “the authors of the Brennan Center study appear to have pursued results that advance a particular political agenda rather than the truth about Voter Identification.”
The truth is that a yes vote on the November Voter ID ballot amendment question will help protect Minnesota’s legitimate votes from being cancelled out by fraudulent votes.

Vada Larson

Radio station informs beyond the headlines

To the editor:

Have you ever noticed that it’s hard to find the background information you need on key issues these days? Are you finding yourself confused about today’s issues and fear you’re only hearing one side of the story? All too often we only hear from the louder, biased voices, and many questions remain unanswered or unaddressed.
I appreciate Relevant Radio (listen online at www.relevantradio.com or tune to WLOL AM 1330) as a source which has truly done it’s “homework” on the issues which matter to us and will matter to our children.
While it is a Catholic station, they frequently field questions from non-Catholics and even non-believers, always with respect and civility. They’re never afraid to look at ALL sides of the issues. I’m always learning something new from this station!
If you really want to know what’s going on behind the headlines, I highly recommend this radio station. Their gracious hosts and guests are very informed on current issues which affect us all. Very educational and enlightening! Check them out.

Helen Bressler
Belle Plaine

Weygand would work for citizens’ interests

To the editor:

I have watched the Republican governors and their cronies strip government employees (police, firemen, teachers, and others) of their right to negotiate fair and safe working conditions, and even their jobs.
They lied through the entire 2010 election that they were going to work for jobs, jobs, jobs and in most of the states they started by eliminating jobs. The needed jobs of teachers, police, firemen and highway workers further swelling the unemployment rolls. Adding to those in need of help to keep their homes and families in tact. Their emphasis has been totally on benefitting the wealthy.
And I wonder — why are we electing these people? In Minnesota we have the same outrageous actions being taken by our legislative body and thank heaven we have Governor Dayton to stop their most egregious policies. But we face another election and need to make some decisions as to whether we will continue the destruction of our state or give our state a chance to return to what it once was.
Julianne Ortman is running for her State Senate seat again. I have appealed to her on several issues and received little or no response. She will continue to support the same policies that have diminished our state in education, infrastructure (remember 35W that wasn’t properly repaired so the state could give tax cuts to the wealthy?). Even her own dysfunctional party would not endorse her re-election
Standing for election against her is Jim Weygand. His name isn’t well known through most of the district, but I encourage all thinking voters to take the time to check out his website at www.jimweygand.com. Check out his 10-year record as Mayor of Carver. Check out his stance on the issues and especially read his blogs. This man is knowledgeable, honest and has worked in and for his communities. He will work for the best interests of our citizens, not the corporate structures.
I personally know Mr. Weygand and am proud to say that he is a person deeply concerned with working with Governor Dayton to bring Minnesota and District 47 back to health and respect. He will be responsive to our concerns and diligent in his decisions. Please take the time to get to know Jim Weygand and vote for him. You will be happy you did.

Nancy G. Harrison