9-13-12 NYA Looking Back

10 years ago
Sept. 12, 2002
Area residents were shocked last week when a former NYA man, 42-year-old Christopher Tanchin, was stabbed to death, allegedly by a California man, after a dispute at a residence on Elm Street in NYA. Two men have been arrested in the incident.

Local citizens share their reflections on the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. In a letter to the editor, Senator Mark Dayton tells of congressional discussions about whether or not to go to war in Iraq. He said all discussions have so far been temperate and filled with caution, but cast the decision in this light: “Starting a war would be a decision to provoke a holocaust now, in the belief that it would prevent an Armageddon later.”

Dayton said he did not believe the country should depart from its policy of the last 50 years of protecting the country by preventing war rather than starting one. Going to war in Iraq, he said, would almost certainly lead to military success, but cost many American and Iraqi lives and possibly provoke future Sept. 11-style attacks.

20 years ago
Sept. 10, 1992
Scenes for American Playhouse, a public television series, will be shot at several locations in Hamburg, Cologne, Waconia and other surrounding cities. The film, “…and the earth did not swallow him,” will include a barn on the Virgil and Marilyn Vollbrecht farm and Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hamburg, and a general store will also be set up in Hamburg. Other parts of the film will be shot at a cemetery near Cologne, and scenes including local youth as extras were shot in Waconia.

Jolene Kay Schmitz, daughter of Mary Jane and Dennis Schmitz of Norwood and a 1981 graduate of Central High School, has become a well-known singing star on the west coast and in parts of Europe. Her stage name is “Jolene Kay,” and she performs solo and with groups. Her main genre is country, but she also has performed rock and rhythm and blues styles.

The Norwood-Young America Chamber of Commerce is hosting the second annual Harvest Days later this month. The fall celebration features produce judging,  a farmers market, queen coronation, community dance and pie raffle.

30 years ago
Sept. 9, 1982
A helicopter flying out of Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie crashed and burned near Waconia last week. On board were a pilot trainer and a trainee. Neither were seriously injured, though one suffered a broken leg and a cut to the head. The Waconia Fire Department doused the blaze that resulted from the crash.

The wide-open, four-way race for Carver County Sheriff will be tamed a bit next week when voters decide who the two finalists will be. The four candidates for sheriff are Dick Ersbo, Jack Hendrickson, Jerry Lhotka and Al Wallin.

Janet Forner of Chaska has become the first Carver County Dairy Princess to be named Princess Kay of the Milky Way. (Only one other Carver County princess has been so honored — Beth Mesenbring of Cologne in 1990.)

40 years ago
Sept. 14, 1972
Butch Zeman, owner of the Gasthouse in Young America, has started Butch’s Recreation Center in the old H and H Bar building, located across the street from the Gasthouse. The center will be open only to those under 21 years of age and will include pinball, pool, a juke-box, coke machine, etc. and will be supervised at all times.

As far as records indicated, the Hamburg Post Office has moved to its seventh location since its start around 1900. It now occupies the old State Bank of Hamburg building.

Work on Young America’s new sewer system began this week. Special efforts are being made by Young America merchants to accommodate customers during the project.