9-13-12 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Fair’s not the problem, it’s the horse arena noise

To the editor:

To the writer that responded to my opinion of the noise at the horse arena, I agree that the Carver County Fair is well run, family friendly and a great asset to the community We enjoy it and attend every year.
Please read my letter again because you missed the point of my objection. My complaint is the unnecessary noise caused by the announcers at several horse events throughout the summer. Who are they trying to reach? Anyone involved in the event could hear the announcers with the volume turned down at least 50 percent! It would be neighborly and considerate to let the rest of us enjoy our time and hobbies with families and friends.

Pete Marnie

Dems hold on to radical views; still blame Bush

To the editor:

Forcing myself to watch as much of the Democrat National Convention as I could handle, a few thoughts come to mind.
While most of the speakers presented well, there was little I could agree with. Former President Clinton did not disappoint with his usual re-write of history using at least a gallon of “whiteout.” President Obama was lackluster no doubt because he already knew the latest “jobs numbers” were going to be devastating. I also listened to a few dozen impromptu interviews with the delegates and was struck by how radical they where. With much vitriol they expressed views on abortion, gay lifestyles, women’s rights, taxes, profits, entitlements, global warming, energy, foreign affairs and more. There is absolutely no common ground to work with, if these delegates had their way. Oh and it’s still Bush’s fault.
When the Democrats removed “God” from their Party Platform, they really drew a line in the sand. Well, it didn’t last for more than a day until word came down from the White House. God had to be put back in. The Chair dutifully proposed a change with a voice vote. You’ve seen them. Each group tries to out yell the other. Well clearly the “no” response had it. The Chair paused and said he wanted to try it again. Same result. Definitely a louder “no” vote. Then a third time, an even louder “no” vote. The Chair, knowing he had to approve the amendment, just said in his opinion, the “yeas” had it and the motion was approved. A very loud and boisterous clamor arose from the convention floor. “Wow,” I thought, “God is getting booed and the country is watching.” The Democrats had just denied God three times. Seems to me there is a Biblical connection here. Considering what he has bestowed on our country, this is a very sad commentary.
The Democrat Party has changed dramatically in the past 20 years.They have an intense approach to various issues. Their convention confirmed they are a conga line of radical thought. In the present clamor for the parties to “work together,” this will never occur. Both are light years apart in the direction they see for the country. This election will chart a distinctly different course, depending on the victor. It would be fitting if a little Divine Providence lends a helping hand.

Joe Polunc

Reasons behind Voter ID push concern writer

To the editor:

I also attended the presentation put on by the Eastern Carver County League of Women Voters referred to in letters to the paper last week. I attended to hear why they were opposing the Voter ID amendment. I already knew what those in favor believed. The notice in the paper in regards to this program did not say it was going to be a public debate.
After a video was presented with the League’s views on the amendment the floor was opened for questions. That was when Rep. Leidiger stood and tried to turn the meeting into his own soap box in support of the amendment. He didn’t have any questions, he just kept pontificating his beliefs. In my opinion he was the one assaulting those in attendance.
In regards to propaganda and scare tactics being used, from the time the GOP first proposed this amendment we have heard nothing but scare tactics. It has been all about all these fraudulent votes being cast and stealing elections. Well guess what voters there has been no one found trying to vote under another person’s name in this state. So what exactly is this amendment going to do if it becomes law?
Well in Pennsylvania it will affect between 500,000 and 800,000 voters. In Minnesota over 200,000. These are just two states where possibly 1 million people could lose their right to vote. Is that what this country is about?
Requiring a photo ID sound on the surface to be so simple, but that is not all this is about. No one can even tell us what type of ID would be required. What about absentee voting which a lot of seniors, students and military do? What about the cost of implementing this new system that no one can tell us how it will work?
We are told to vote yes and next election we will get the details. That doesn’t sound like a wise vote to me.
Rep. Leidiger talks about all these other states that have passed, what I believe amounts to voter suppression. What he neglected to say was most of those states have been barred at this time by Federal courts from enacting these amendments because of the discriminating aspects of the laws. Why is it that there is no bipartisan support for these voter ID laws? The only political party pushing for strict voter ID laws are the GOP. Could it be because the majority of voters, who will be disenfranchised by passing this amendment, tend not to vote for Republican candidates? As an elected Republican official in Pennsylvania was quoted as saying, “If we get this voter ID into law we can guarantee the state for Romney.”
I would urge voters to really look into all the ramifications of the change to our Constitution, because once enacted it is very hard to change. As for me I will vote no, as I believe no qualified citizen eligible to vote in this state should ever be denied the right to vote due to partisan efforts to win an election.

Beth Wentland

Hope soars thanks to Relay For Life of Waconia

To the editor:

HOPE Soars in 2012. Congratulations Waconia Relayers! We have raised $389,580.96 in the past three years for the American Cancer Society.
Relay For Life has become the Society’s single largest activity, raising more than $4 billion since 1985. Funds raised through Relay enable the American Cancer Society to help people stay well and get well, to find cures, and to fight back.
The dollars raised benefit Waconia and Carver County in several ways. Staff from the American Cancer Society work with the Ridgeview Medical Center staff (hospital and area clinics) to improve patient care. They share the most up-to-date research, prevention guidelines, and treatment options. They also provide Social Services an array of supportive services.
I’d like to highlight our major sponsors which include the Carver County Fairgrounds, Urban Communications, Waconia Farm Supply, Mackenthun’s Fine Foods, Financial Recovery Services, Waconia Lion’s, Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, Dr. Paul W. Sperduto, MD, Century Link, Preferred One, Outdoor Living and Waconia Area Women of Today. Their generous support provides us the opportunity to celebrate, remember and fight back.
Additional businesses and residents of Waconia and beyond also played a vital role in supporting the Relay. Thank you for supporting us by hanging posters, making financial donations, displaying yard signs, donating to our silent auction, providing equipment and dumpsters, donating food, performing, making and serving the Survivor meal, sponsoring the butterfly release, and so much more.
Special thanks to the Steering Committee, Team Captains, Jen Keaveny – Honorary Cancer Survivor, Judy Janish – Honorary Caregiver, CPS-3 volunteers and participants, our food vendors, the Carver County Sheriff’s Department, Ben Banks of Sovereign Fine Art & Design, Todd Moen and the Waconia Patriot and Elizabeth Hackbarth, staff partner from the American Cancer Society. Thank you businesses and thank you residents!
I’d like to recognize all teams and participants for their efforts. Congratulations to: (Teams) Wes’ Walking Warriors ($30,565), Westonka Jaycees ($8,085), Blisters for Birthdays ($6,818), Gesingers For Life ($6,514) (Individuals) Wes Schiffler ($16,334), Jennifer Keaveny ($3,127) and Bethany and Noah Waterhouse ($2,015).
In order to hold an event as large as ours, we need hundreds of volunteers. A huge thanks to everyone who volunteered in any way this past year. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you volunteers!
To view 2012 Relay photos taken by Ben Banks, SFA Photography & Design, visit www.sfaphotodesign.com and click on the View Event button at the bottom of the home page. Enter the pass code 4600 and click log in, and then enter your e-mail address and first name. It’s fun to relive the 2012 Relay through photos.
There are several aspects to planning the annual Relay. We need volunteers to help with the following areas: Accounting & Finance, Ceremonies, Entertainment & Activities, Food& Hospitality, Logistics & Facilities, Luminarias, Online Communications, Public Relations, Sponsorship, Silent Auction & Fundraising, Survivorship and Team Recruitment & Development.
If you are interested or would like more information, please e-mail [email protected] We welcome your participation and involvement.
The 2013 Relay For Life of Waconia website is active. Visit www.relayforlife.org/waconiamn to register your team. Every day more people are joining the movement to create a world with more birthdays. Our strength and commitment fuels the movement’s growth and provides hope for many affected by cancer. This reminds us all how special one more candle, one more cake, and one more celebration truly is for everyone.

D.J. Teeselink
Relay For Life of Waconia Event Chair
www.relayforlife.org/ waconiamn

Weygand would move state forward again

To the editor:

Jim Weygand is the candidate I am supporting to represent those of us who live in Minnesota Senate District 47.
Others have written about Jim’s service with a number of organizations in the community that benefit us all, including serving on the boards of the Carver County Library Board and the Community Foundation of Carver County. I had the privilege of serving with him on School District 112’s Beacon Council; I found him to be an engaged and active participant, always willing to explore methods to ensure an inclusive and lifelong education for all learners. By education and profession, Jim is an engineer and has keen insights to transit and communications trends and issues, which are concerns for those of us living in a rapidly expanding metropolitan area.
As a leader in the community, Jim has the listening skills and the ability to reach across political boundaries to reach consensus with others. He is committed to asking the hard questions, to reaching a collaborative decision, and to serving the people of Minnesota in a fair and equitable manner. His theme of Jim’s campaign is “Move Minnesota Forward Again!” I know that with his commitment to all of the residents of Minnesota, he will.
Please join me and support Jim Weygand at the polls on Nov. 6.

Libby Fairchild

Voter ID would lead to voter suppression

To the editor:

Voting is the single most important safeguard in keeping a free and democratic society. Our unimpeded right to vote is a gift to all of us from those who fought and died defending that right. Minnesotans will decide the fate of that right when voting this November. If the Voter ID amendment passes it will be a major inconvenience to anyone without a driver’s license, not pre-registered, or not voting in person.
The amendment “will require all voters to present valid identification to vote”; this includes the homebound, business travelers, students, vacationers and the elderly. Anyone not voting in person will have to drive to their local precinct headquarters and show them your photo ID to pick up an absentee ballot. If you are not pre-registered or your appearance has drastically changed due to chemo or whatever, you will be given a “provisional” ballot. To have your vote count, you must provide proof of who you are, at your expense, and return this proof to your place of voting.
Those voting yes will be indirectly voting for a tax increase, or bigger government and less freedom. It will cost millions to administer and will not prevent voter fraud since anyone can get a fake ID that even TSA officials find difficult to detect.
Voter suppression of the masses is a greater threat to democracy than suppressing the myth that there is voter fraud affecting the outcome of state or national presidential elections in Minnesota. Let your answers to the following determine your vote on the Voter ID amendment:
1. I personally know someone who fraudulently voted in a state or national election.
2. I believe in more expensive government and less freedom.
3. I am in favor of making voting as inconvenient as possible.

Mary Ann Geyen