NYA tables decision on paperless meetings

The NYA City Council conducted its Sept. 10 meeting off paper information packets, but that may not be the case in the future if a proposal to move ahead with paperless meetings is approved.

Discussion continued during the meeting on potentially purchasing iPads for council members and city staff to use. The cost for purchasing the required technology is $4,488.59, and city staff believe that cost would be recovered within 1.7 years in paper and material costs.

Over the long-term, staff believe the use of iPads over paper would result in an annual savings of about $2,700.

Most of the council members agreed that the move to iPads was a good idea, but decided to table any decision on the matter until the final budget is approved in December in order to see if funds are available to make the purchase.

In other business, the council:
• Approved a final payment of $62,524.07 to Di-Mar Construction for the water treatment facility. Due to a change order, the final contract amount was $6,143.93 less than originally proposed. The final construction cost was $5,103,865.07.

• Authorized a special benefits levy in the amount of $47,745 to help make payments for the land acquisition loan for the Tacoma West Industrial Park.

• As of July, permits for construction of four new single-family homes in the city had been issued.

• Approved an hourly wage increase for three seasonal part-time employees from $9 per hour to $11 per hour. That action came at the recommendation of the personnel committee, which began considering the change after the council’s June 25 meeting.

The increase was approved because those three individuals, due to their experience, are able to help out in many areas besides mowing grass, which had been done in the past by high school or college age individuals. In addition, each individual has been with the city from between two and five years without receiving any raise due to wage freezes.

• Approved a $2 pay increase for Chris Bahr for the time he spent filling in as the supervisor for the public works department while the director was absent. The increase resulted in a total bonus payment of $625.

“Chris did a good job filling in and we would like to reward him for assuming the extra responsibilities,” City Administrator Tom Simmons told the council in a memo.

• Approved the repurchase of a cemetery plot reserved by Marcille Brelje in 1997 for $200. Brelje recently passed away and was buried in the church cemetery where she was a member.

• Approved a temporary intoxicating on-sale liquor license application for the West Carver Lions Club for the Harvest Moon Food and Wine Tasting Extravaganza on Friday, Oct. 26.