9-20-12 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Sept. 19, 2002
Paul Kohls and Julianne Ortman, the endorsed Republican candidates squeaked by Don Schwartz and John Fahey in the area Senate and House seats.
YETZER’S: Our Staff is What Makes Us Special: Randy Scott, Michelle Honebrink, Wade Rolf and Steve Yetzer.
St. Joe’s former school came tumbling to the ground last Wednesday and Thursday. A digger took bites out of the 1956 building and later the 1908 building.
Happy 95th Birthday! We Love You Albert Kirsch! Love from your family.
Homecoming is this week at Waconia High School. Students selected as royalty are: Carly Brown, Micheal Anquist, Molly Anquist, Travis Rousch, Meghan Menssen, Andrew Fredrickson, Sonja Ellingson, Daniel Philp, Laura Anderson, Micheal Anderson, Amanda Lemke and Evan Johnson.
Jon Schuler and Stacie Schuler along with big sister Megan, of Waconia announce the birth of their twins, daughter Lauren Grace and son Blake David. Grandparents are Bobbie and Allen Bright of St. Cloud and Fran and Larry Schuler of St. Bonifacius.

25 Years Ago – Sept. 17, 1987
St. Bonifacius – A new post office is being built. Postmaster and Council member Andy Weinzierl estimated that the new facility is a few years from construction.
Students from St. Cloud State University left Minnesota Thursday for a six-month stay in Europe. Former Waconia High School students Amy Ebert, Julie Eder and Becky Glasmann were among those.
Winners in the weekly Waconia Patriot football contest were: Lloyd Laumann, John Marsden, Lowell Wasser and Tom Moonen.
BOWLING: Thursday Mixed Doubles 200 Club: Tom Larson, Kathy Schmidt, Deb Kes, Jim Ebert, Bob Gray and Ken Schmakel.
Mayer – V is for Victory and Volleyball at the Lutheran High School. At the opener the Crusaders defeated their opponent with confidence. Team captains Jean Beck, Steph Schrupp and Karla Melchert, along with Angie Swanson, Jenny Wichelman and Stacy Wolter led the Crusaders to victory. “Serving looked good for the opening match,” commented head coach Liz Spletzer.
Several local residents won fire extinguishers at the Carver County Fair. Among them were: V. Finney of New Germany, John Rosholt and Jean Lowry of Waconia, Laura Truwe of Mayer and Sharon Kahle of Cologne.
26th Annual NICKLE DICKLE DAY BARGAINS: Ice Cream Bars 2 for 25 cents at First National Bank. Kids Movies 25 cents at the Waconia Theatre. Sloppy Joes 40 cents at the VFW Clubhouse.

50 Years Ago – Sept. 20, 1962
Dr. Herbert Strait is leaving Lakeview Clinic, having taken a new position in the Glencoe Medical Center. He worked and resided in Waconia for two years. He made many friends while in Waconia and was instrumental in organizing the Junior Chamber of Commerce and was the organization’s first president.
Waconia Boy Scouts were featured on the program at last week’s meeting of the Waconia Lions Club. Clifford Gramith, advisor to the Explorer Scouts, presented awards to the boys. Scouts honored were: James Hartmann, James Weinzierl, Mike Sorenson, Ronald Stenger, Billy Hall, Steve York, Tim Medd, Bob Lundgren, Tom O’Connor, Scott Larson, Bruce Melcher, Jimmy Hall, Jeff Whittaker and John Peura.
Miss Eileen Kunze left by plane on Friday for a two week vacation in Seattle, Wash., to visit friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Heinen drove their aunt Mrs. Lizzie Schmidt to her home in South Dakota after she was here for three weeks after the death of her brother, John Heinen.
A much improved Waconia football squad almost upset the highly favored Shakopee Indians. Waconia tied them 13-13. The Chiefs were led by Captain Dave Dannewitz. Dave was voted Back of the Week. Gary Moonen was voted Lineman of the Week.
The Waconia Wonder Workers 4-H Club held its monthly meeting at the Richard Wagener home. Happy Birthday was sung to Mrs. Yetzer, Mrs. R. Wessbecker, Leigh Ann Larson, Peggy Bean Charleen Wessbecker and Becky Thom.
A Bit of History: Once during the grasshopper plague of 1877, it took a train traveling five miles three hours to make the run. The rails were so thick with grasshoppers, they looked like steampipes and had to be scraped before the train could proceed.

75 Years Ago – Sept. 16, 1937
Five games have been scheduled for the football season of Waconia High School, said Coach Knutson. He is inaugurating football at Waconia for the first time this year. Thirty-six students responded to the call. Games will be played with Mound, Miller Vocational, Norwood-Young America, St. Paul Academy and Chaska. The first game will be played at Waconia at the fairgrounds. The equipment for the football team arrived this week and consists of 22 football suits, 22 head guards, 22 shoulder pads, 22 pair of football shoes, 22 sweat shirts, 22 jerseys, 22 trunks and one dummy tackle.
St. Bonifacius – One hundred twenty-five students have enrolled in the St. Boniface School this year in grades 1-8. Miss Helen Campbell is the teacher in the St. Bonifacius Public School for grades 1-8. Twenty pupils will be taught by her. The St. Bonifacius Public High School will have seven students.
“Bumming” on freight trains, once a safe means of travel, is becoming too tough, according to one train hopper, who had a harrowing hijacking experience when he lost $15. He recovered from the hijacking but when he heard of four murders on the trains, he abandoned another “bumming” tour and returned to his home.
FARMS FOR SALE: Have a choice farm in Hennepin and Carver Counties for $70 an acre with good buildings. Write or call Segner’s Exchange. Phone 153. St. Bonifacius, Minn.

100 Years Ago – Sept. 20, 1912
Waconia will hold the Carver County Fair! Some of the good people of Carver seem to be unnecessarily disturbed by the efforts of the Carver County Fair Association of Waconia to establish and hold a county fair at Waconia. In the first place they seem to labor under the misapprehension that, since Carver has conducted a fair for some years, that no other organization has a right to inaugurate such an undertaking in any other place in the county. In the second place they seem to be particularly grieved by the fact that the new association will adopt the name “Carver.” They seem to look upon the new organization as one that is guilty of grand larceny because it has seen fit to adopt that title. The new organization was not started without competent legal advice. Furthermore, it is a Carver County Fair. Now good people of Carver County, do not be duped by misleading statements that the Carver people are making. The have widely circulated a story that Waconia will not hold a fair this year. This is an untruth. There will be a fair here at Waconia and the dates are Sept. 23, 24 and 25. We invite all the people of the county to attend and exhibit. It will be worth attending both from an educational and social point of view.
Extensive improvements are being contemplated at the North Star Hotel. A number of rooms have been repapered and otherwise altered. The owners will install a water works system with hot and cold water, baths and toilets.