9-27-12 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Sept. 26, 2002
Mayer Lutheran High School celebrated homecoming. Members of the royalty are Shannon Donovan, Carley Heckmann, Christy Stuewe, Joel Panning, Jeffrey Mackenthun, Lukas Radde, Tricia Stuewe, Jinnah Bermann, Carol Becker, Jenna Dubbe, David Honebrink, Sam Kuphal, Stephen Krause, Landon Pohl, and Queen and King Amanda Zimmer and Daniel Meier.
A streaker entered the football field at Waconia on homecoming night. As the band played in the stands, apparently unaware of the dashing thrill seeker, ooohs and aaahhs rippled through the stands.
Mike Anquist and Sonja Ellingson were selected king and queen at Waconia’s homecoming coronation.
The Wildcat football team won its homecoming game against Dassel-Cokato 28-13. “It’s fun to win your homecoming,” Wildcat coach Pat Foley said. Justin Reitsma led the Wildcats in rushing with 118 yards on 16 carries, while Mike Groschen added 85 yards on 17 attempts and two visits to the end zone. Quarterback Andrew Fredricksen scored twice on the ground as well.
Victoria – The Holy Family Fire 2002 cross country team is building this year. The team captains are: Peter Ferlis and Amanda Baker. The coach is Jeff Lenzmeier.
Happy Birthday Shawna Sept. 26! From the Whole Gang.

25 Years Ago – Sept. 24, 1987
The annual Nickle Dickle car show drew 162 entrants this in its third year. The People’s Choice Award went to Carver County Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Lohtka of Young America for his 1962 Studebaker.
A pancake and french toast breakfast will be served by the Waconia/West Carver Rotary on Sunday at Island View Country Club. A butchered hog will be given away. Breakfast goers can register for an Arabian colt to be given away later this fall.
HAIR AFFAIR: We have a new face. Kathy Ische is our newest stylist! Other stylists are: June, Laurie, Darla, Judie, Jill, Rita and Jodie.
Will Yetzer, who has been in the funeral business for 50 years: “The most unusual marker I’ve seen … is at Trinity Lutheran cemetery in Waconia. A young man named Darwin Schumann, who was a garbage collector for Waconia died; and his stone has a sanitation truck, a person and a home engraved on it.”
Rhonda Hilk, daughter of Albert and Rose Hilk, is a scholarship recipient of the Mary E. Roggeman Scholars Fund. Hilk is a senior accounting major at the College of St. Benedict.
Happy Anniversary Don and Jackie! Sept. 24. From Bruce, Mark, Noreen, Nancy, Julie, Larry and Bailey. P. S. We Love You!
NEIGHBORS: Paul Berens-Chaska, Steve Madrinich, Chaska and Doug Ohlsen-Waconia saved two elderly people, the Wilsons, from a sinking fishing boat on Lake Waconia. The Wilsons lost their fishing gear and pail of fish. “But Mr. Wilson never lost his hat through the ordeal,” commented Ohlsen.

50 Years Ago – Sept. 27, 1962
Mary Hartmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zrust of Maple and a senior at Waconia High School was crowned Homecoming queen.
With the duck hunting season approaching Wilbert Hasse dug up a spud that resembled a duck. He noticed that three potatoes had grown together to form an oddity. The potato weighed three pounds.
Waconia whipped U-High 28-0 for homecoming. Back of the Week in football was Bob Laufenburger and Lineman of the Week was Bob Geyen. Steve Schlitzke dazzled the crowd in the fourth quarter by breaking out of the pocket and scooting 54 yards for a touchdown.
Motorists encounter a variety of signs along highways and in towns like “Cattle Crossing,” Watch Out for Children,” etc. At Norwood a rather unique sign was erected with the wording, “Caution Chicken Crossing.” A batam hen with her brood of chicks crosses a certain street several times a day.
Cologne – The Benton Hilltoppers held their monthly meeting at the LeRoy Mesenbring home.
St. Bonifacius – Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rudnicki are happy parents with their new arrivals, twins. They will be named Barbara Jane and William Matthew.
Services were held for Waconia’s first agriculture teacher, Mr. Van Krevelen.

75 Years Ago – Sept. 23, 1937
L. E. Schreiber, agriculture instructor of the Waconia High School, was chosen chairman of the Waconia Athletic Association. Other officers elected include: Albert Maiser, Rufinus Wagener, Gust Seltz, Wm. Heinen, Peter Wemeier and Walter Wollam.
A sea gull became tangled up in a fish line Tuesday afternoon as Henry R. Peterman cast while fishing on Lake Waconia. As the fish line swung in the air a sea gull sailed over the waters of the lake, the line evidently winding itself about the sea gull’s wings. The sea gull and fish line came down into the water, and later the bird flew away apparently uninjured. In the boat with Mr. Peterman were August Splettstoesser and Henry A. Stahlke.
The people of Bongards are sorry to see Stanford Lenz and his family move their household goods to Mayer where they will make their future home. But we wish them success.
This will be the best agricultural year, from the point of view of gross income, since booming 1929. This does not mean that the agricultural situation is vastly improved in every phase—some crops will command lower prices. But. Looking at agriculture as a whole, 1937 should produce the first really good farm market of eight years.
WACONIA COUNCIL: Bills to be paid: John Giesen, labor – $2.45. Wm. Wessbecker, labor-$1.75. Chas. Krautbauer, labor-$2.60.

100 Years Ago – Sept. 27, 1912
Dan Cupid won another victory. Miss Bertha Seltz and Carl Blasing were happily married yesterday afternoon. The knot that bound them as life partners was tied by Rev. Schneider at the local Lutheran church. After the exercises at the church the bridal party went to the Burfield Studio where photos were taken after which all went to the home of the bride where a grand wedding dinner was served to about 50 families.
The Carver County Fair held at Waconia was a complete success. The general vote was that the Carver County Fair at Waconia was the best ever attempted, not alone in this county, but any other state.
The Waconia Sorghum Mills opened their annual run last Monday and are now running in full blast day and night. They are daily turning out about 1,000 gallons of pure sorghum syrup every 24 hours. In the entire history of the mills, never has there been such a good crop of cane as this fall. Sugar cane is from eight to 12 feet in height and about one inch in thickness. The run this fall will take about two months and the entire output this year will be about 75,000 gallons. The plant was established 11 years ago. Each year the yield has increased. Everybody is most cordially invited to come to the factory at any time and inspect the plant and see how the sorghum is made.
A telephone has been installed in the office of Joseph Fuchs, the granite worker. He is enjoying a splendid business and has many orders for gravestones and other marble work.