9-27-12 NYA Looking Back

10 years ago
Sept. 26, 2002
Homecoming queen candidates at Central High School this fall include, Krysta Hanson, Sara Hilgers, Brooke Lueck, Ashley Buckentin, Kayla Stewart and Tami Harms. King candidates are Jason Arndt, Tyler Hasse, Adam Kube, Nate Jacques, Preston Dvorak and Tyler Meuleners.

The street and utility improvement project on Elm Street is moving along well, and may be complete by mid-October. The first layer of bituminous has now been laid, and sidewalk work is now underway. Street lighting will be installed soon and trees will be planted this fall.

With the frequent and heavy rainfalls that have occurred, several residents in the city of NYA have experienced water and even sewer backups. Several manhole that do not fit tightly will be replaced to help stop infiltration into the sanitary sewer system.

20 years ago
Sept. 24, 1992
Christy Ische was crowned Norwood-Young America Chamber of Commerce Harvest Days queen last week. Members of her court included Karen Rain (Miss Congeniality), Stephanie Zellmann (second queen) and Nicole Beckendorf (first queen). This year marked the second annual Harvest Days.

U.S. House of Representative candidates David Minge (D) and Cal Ludeman (R) debated face-to-face for the first time this week. Both are running for the congressional seat which was held by Republican Vin Weber.

The Citizens for Metro Phone Access has submitted a petition with double the number of signatures from the 467 exchange to put the metro telephone access to a vote again. A total of 285 signatures were needed, and 648 were gathered.

30 years ago
Sept. 30, 1982
Hamburg, along with the city of Arlington, recently won the bid to host the state’s amateur baseball championship tournament. The field is already receiving upgrades, including the moving back of light poles to expand the outfield, replacement of the infield surface with a built-in sprinkler system, a lighted scoreboard and more. According to Harlan Dammann, Hamburg is the smallest town ever to host the state tournament.

Norwood taxpayers should see a substantial drop in their taxes next year. The 1983 levy request is down 39.4 percent from this year. The major reason for the decrease is that the city has reduced its levy for bonded indebtedness by over $40,000.

40 years ago
Sept. 28, 1972
An old office and apartment building next to Citizen’s State Bank in Norwood was burned down to make way for a parking lot in front of a large crowd of spectators last week. Firemen from Plato, Hamburg, Cologne, Norwood, Young America and Bloomington assisted with the blaze, which was used as a training session, and were also assigned to protect other downtown businesses from being damaged by the fire.

A barn, silo, milk house and approximately 6,000 bales of hay and straw were destroyed in a fire on the Howard Dettmann farm last week, but no animals were lost. The fire was discovered well underway in the hay loft just as the Dettmanns were about to begin evening milking.

Elaine Murray, 77 of Norwood, was critically injured in an auto accident with a semi truck at County Road 31 and Highway 212 just west of Norwood. She is currently at the Glencoe hospital.