9-27-12 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Writer says marriage’s true meaning is love

To the editor:

I couldn’t help but respond to the letter that was published last week entitled “Marriage was meant for one man, one woman.”
In our ever changing society, it has become more apparent that religion should not have an influence on our government.  Christianity is not the only religion in the world; therefore it should not be a deciding vote on the issue of same sex marriage.
The true meaning of marriage is love.
By love, I mean not just what we feel but what we do. Love is an action! In order for it to become the ultimate force and for us to rediscover the true meaning of marriage, love has to be unconditional.
I have a sister that is in a same sex marriage and can honestly say that she did not choose a life of homosexuality; regardless of what you believe. Why would anyone willingly choose a life of ridicule and judgment? She has struggled most of her life trying to fit into a society that was “different” than what she felt in her heart.
I believe that God created my sister and that he loves her just the same. I also believe that God will continue to bless our land and inhabitants regardless if there is same sex marriage in our world or not.

Lisa Dibble

Both sides of the aisle need to cooperate

To the editor:

A Sept. 13, 2012 Letter to the Editor made some remarkable claims regarding the Democratic party. Assertions that place the writer on the same page as Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comments.
The letter writer bemoans a lack of common ground. It may be helpful to remind folks that common ground is found during good faith negotiations. How can you sit down with your fellow citizens to find common ground when you have already dismissed their point of view and claim no compromise can be found?
It is also worth remembering the old saw about one man’s gold is another man’s trash. The writer claims Democratic Party is full of “radical thought.” In my own effort to find common ground with the writer, I must remind myself that once the Republican Party thought (and many still do) Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and even Civil Rights for African Americans was “radical thought.”
I can only hope the values, beliefs and civil liberties the Democratic Party works to ensure, will find a more willing partner during negotiations. But if the letter writer is any example of those who will sit across the table in during negotiations, one statement in the letter will be correct; a little Divine Providence will be in order.

Bryan Haugen
Ische practices good government, is accessible

To the editor:

I have been watching with great interest the coming election for Carver County Commissioner, District 5. I have made my decision on who I’m voting for based on the latest information about candidates unwillingness to appear at forums sponsored by the League of Women Voters.
Not only do candidates have to practice good government they also need to be accessible to their constituents. Jim Ische practices both of these necessary measures of a great County Commissioner. Mr. Ische and his wife Pam attend many public functions in their district and are easily accessible to his constituents in the district he serves.
I have never met his challenger, his decision not to seek my vote through a public forum leads me to predict he will not seek input from from the general public if elected.
Please join me in voting for Jim Ische to continue great service to Carver County residents.

Roger Storms

LWVECC reschedules forum for District 1

To the editor:

We regret to inform you that the Carver County Commissioners Candidate Forum scheduled for Oct. 2, 2012 has been cancelled.
Districts 2-5 will not be rescheduled because one candidate from each district has declined to participate. Because LWV Eastern Carver County is a nonpartisan organization, we cannot hold a Candidate Forum for the benefit of one candidate. The Candidate Forum for District 1 will be rescheduled for Thursday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. at the Carver County Commissioners Chambers (Carver County Government Center, 600 E Fourth Street, Chaska). Although the candidates from Districts 2-5 will not be participating in the Forum, they are more than welcome to attend as part of the audience.
The Carver County Commissioners Candidate Forum will follow the Senate District 47 Candidate Forum scheduled at 7 p.m. on Oct. 18 in the Carver County Commissioners Chambers.  The Candidate Forums will be taped and rebroadcast on cable TV and will also be available on-line. LWV Eastern Carver County provides these forums as a service to candidates and to the communities they will serve.
It is an opportunity to learn more about the candidates and the issues important to our community. We hope that you will all attend!

Marcia Eland
Voter Service Chair
LWV Eastern Carver County

Candidates’ decision to skip forum disappoints writer

To the editor:

Recently, four Republican candidates for Carver County Commissioner published an open letter to indicate their intention not to appear at the League of Women Voters (LWV) candidate forum on Oct. 2.
In their letter, the candidates indicated their decision was the result of their determination that the League was a “leftist” organization and that questions asked in previous candidate forums presumed “an agreement with your world view”.
They also state that they “have no faith that the League of Women Voters of Carver County are going to accept that point of view or ask questions that will allow us to talk about those values.”
The good news is we don’t have to take their assertions as fact.  We can go to the tape. The 2010 LWV candidate forum is available on-line for viewing at the Chaska Community Television website (www.vimeo.com/chaskatv). Here are the six questions posed of Carver County Commissioner candidates in 2010:
1) Considering the decrease in aid from the State, what are your priorities for Carver County?
2) Carver has been a rural county. How do we maintain the rural/urban balance?
3) The Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) is responsible for community and economic development in the County. Please assess the CDA’s record and suggest ways that it could change its operations.
4) Do you feel that the decision to underwrite $10.8 million in bonds for the Oak Grove City Center project in Norwood-Young America was the correct one given the current economic conditions and the significant opposition of residents?
5) Are you in favor of keeping the Public Health, Land, and Water Services Department in Chaska or moving them outside of Chaska and why?
6) The 2011 County budget includes a 1.5 percent pay raise for county employees. How do you justify this given the current economic environment?
There’s nothing “leftist” about these questions.  In fact, two of these questions directly challenge spending decisions made by the County Board, and all of them allow candidates to expound generally of their philosophy of government.
Tom Workman, Frank Long, Vince Beaudette, and Jim Walter don’t have a leg to stand on here.
Their short-sighted decision may very well rob Carver County voters of their only opportunity to see their Commissioner candidates side-by-side answering the same questions. That decision speaks poorly of their readiness for the office they seek.
Public officials need to demonstrate that they can effectively communicate with everyone in the community. When you’re a County Commissioner, you can’t pick up the ball and go home when faced with someone you disagree with.  You have to work with them and try to find the best solution.
I hope the four candidates will reconsider their decision and allow voters the chance to see them in a fair and open-to-the-public forum before Election Day.

Sean Olsen