St. Boni property owner will have to foot bill

The property owner at 9041 State Highway 7 in St. Bonifacius will tell you that PVC is inferior to copper when it comes to a water service line.
After repeated leaks in the line causing problems not only for Robert and Tammy Schnaible who live there, but also a neighbor on Maplewood Road, the couple will move forward with the costly replacement.
A year ago when a breakage occurred, the Schnaibles and the city had no way to know for sure that the leak was from the Schnaible’s service line.
Public Works didn’t have record of where the curb stop was installed, so water had to be shut down all along Maplewood Road. At that time, the city paid to have a curb stop installed so leaks could be isolated in the future.
Thanks to the new curb stop, when water began to leak again it was clear it came from the Schnaible’s service line. The couple will spend an estimated $5,000 to $6,000 to install a new line. During the Sept. 19 regular meeting of the St. Bonifacius City Council, the council agreed to allow them to pay approximately $1,000 a year for five years through a special assessment.
According to St. Bonifacius Mayor Rick Weible, the city wouldn’t usually do this for a private property, but in this case they will make an exception. “Our own city inspector approved a PVC pipe when it should have been copper,” said Weible. “We will work with them to install the new water line and do a special assessment to spread the cost over a five-year period.”
Rather than trying to repair the old pipe, which would require an easement from their neighbors, the Schnaibles will install a new pipe running behind their property through Glacier Road.
“If there are others like this out there, we will work with the owners to get it remedied,” said Weible.
In other business, the council:
• Approved the purchase of a new drive-up utility drop box for City Hall. The new box will hold more documents and offer easier access.
• Accepted pull-tab proceeds of $1,857 from Northwest Tonka Lions Club.
• Received a copy of a written notice of violations sent to owners of 4124 Main Street detailing City Code violations regarding the residential use of the second floor.