10-4 CCN Letters to the Editor

Writer supports Johnson for Watertown mayor

To the editor:

Based on my association with Charlotte Johnson, I recommend that the citizens of Watertown vote for her as their next mayor.

For the past seven years, Charlotte Johnson and I have worked together as volunteers for the Watertown Area Historical Society. We have co-chaired a number of major exhibits and society events. Serving with her, I have acquired respect for her intelligence, leadership and work ethic.  She has pride in Watertown, understands its history and has a vision for its future.

She is highly suited and qualified for the position of mayor.  Charlotte Johnson would bring excellent credentials to the office.

Jane Gehrking
Vadnais Heights
Secretary, Watertown Area Historical Society


Lynch best candidate to fulfill needs of county

To the editor:

We are writing to express our support for Tim Lynch as our County Commissioner in the November election.

The interaction between municipal and county government it critical and Tim has been very good to work with over the last years. He understands the needs of our county, is very common sense oriented when approaching an issue, and is keenly aware of the importance of fostering growth not stifling it through overregulation.

Tim is a man of solid character, is a leader in the community, routinely reaches out to cities to see how he can help, and a person that will listen to the needs of the community and then make decisions as a commissioner that reflect what his constituents have told him.

We feel that Tim is the best candidate to be our commissioner and we wholeheartedly give him our support.

KJ McDonald, Mayor of Watertown
Chris Capaul, Mayor of Mayer


Couple opposes pro-abortion candidates

To the editor:

Surprise, surprise, people are disappointed in their government’s decision making? When, as a nation, people vote for pro-abortion candidates year after year, what do we expect? These elected officials are fundamentally flawed to begin with in their thinking that it is OK to legally kill little human “persons.” How can politicians make good decisions in other areas when they miss the most basic?

We must as a nation stop voting for pro-abortion candidates! This should be on a local, state and federal level. A candidate shouldn’t be voted in for “dog catcher” who is OK with legally killing babies. It isn’t fair to the dogs!

One can judge a candidate by his or her past voting record. Please take time to find it out. President Obama, while representing Illinois, had the most pro-abortion liberal record of all the Senate. He was the only one to vote to deny health care for babies born alive after an abortion attempt, and we are to believe he will protect our health care with “Obama Care?” Not on your life! He should have never been voted in as anything in the first place, much less president, because of his voting record.

This 2012 election year is crucial. The moral fabric of our nation has become weakened after 40 years of the legal killing of 53 million unborn babies. Voting is not just about politics or being faithful to a party. One’s vote has a moral obligation carrying grave consequences for now as well as Eternity. Our religious leaders are realizing this more than ever in regard to the HHS federal mandate, going against religious freedom and certainly the redefining of marriage. It seems we’ve hit the day where evil is being called good and good is being called evil.

God’s Law was the foundation on which our country was founded. He is the source of our rights of life, liberty and freedom. May we ray and vote for our leaders with this in mind.

Dan and Monica Mahan