Clearwater plans electronics fundraiser

If you are a normal American homeowner, your basement and garage have become collection points for electronic equipment that is no longer in use. Out of date computers, TVs, stereos, DVD players, game systems, etc. can begin to gather in the hidden recesses of even the best kept home. You want to be responsible in your disposal practices but you don’t want to travel too far or pay too much to do it.
While you are losing living space to your out of date electronics, Clearwater Middle School is in need of several new Electronic Equipment Items to finish equipping its 48 classrooms.
An fundraising effort that will benefit you and the school has been organized by the Clearwater PTO — E-Waste Collection Day.
The event will take place from 8 a.m. to noon at Clearwater Middle School’s Northwest Parking Lot. Clearwater PTO, Dynamic Recycling of La Crosse, Wis., and Clearwater’s STAR Peer Mediator Student Group will be collecting and packing the following items: TVs, computers, monitors, keyboards, game systems, printers, VCR and DVD players, and  stereos and speakers. Items that won’t be accepted: Appliances, tires, hazardous waste, etc. (and anything that is not E-Waste).
As the event is a fundraiser, the prices to drop off your items are:
• $5 per small item – boom boxes, printers, speakers, phones
• $10 per medium sized item – Computers, small TV’s, monitors
• $20 per large items – big TV’s, furniture size stereos
• Multiple items will receive volume discounts
One hundred percent of the money raised (minus the recycling costs) will be dedicated to the purchase of electronic equipment for Clearwater’s classrooms.