10-11-12 NYA Letters to the Editor

Writer says Walter represents conservative thinking

To the editor:

County Commissioner candidate Jim Walter represents conservative thinking for Carver County. And, Walter believes that we, the citizens, need to be back in charge, so that the county works for us.

For too long, Jim Walter’s opponent Jim Ische has helped to raise more rules and regulations, taxes and penalties, making us jump through even more hoops. Ische has been on the board for so long that he has become a creature of county government and is responsible for much that has stifled so much economic growth, jobs and freedom in this county. He will certainly just give us more of the same in yet another term.

We get a fresh start with Jim Walter. He has run two successful businesses, and, like us, knows that our tax dollars are spent much too easily and quickly by the county. Walter will treat all constituents fairly and equally. He says waste and over-spending must stop so that this county answers to us, the tax payers, and we can succeed economically.

I’ve known Jim Walter for over 12 years, I know his character, I know his concern for the future of this area, and I have experienced the intelligent way he handles problems. You can choose more of the “same old,” or jump at the chance to elect an extraordinary county commissioner.

For the betterment of Commissioner District 5, on Nov. 6 I will be voting for Jim Walter. Hope you will join me

Carolyn Hoernemann
Norwood Young America


Walter the right choice to support businesses

To the editor:

I know Jim Walter has been out in the area meeting people, listening to their complaints and frustration and clearly hearing the message that the people of Carver County are fed up with the way things have been going. They have had it with politicians promising everything but delivering on nothing. They are angry that officials don’t seem to understand that parks, trails and ballrooms aren’t high on the priority list when a family is having a hard time making the house payment or putting food on the table for their family. They are being overly taxed and have watched their home values hit the cellar.

These officials seem clueless that communities are angry and disgusted at having to watch their local businesses fold up because small business is being taxed so heavily they can’t compete with pricing that still allows the financially squeezed community to shop locally instead of the big box stores.

Jim bought a small business a few years ago, a bar and grill, when it was barely functioning and turned it into a very successful operation. His philosophy was simple, “Provide a great product and excellent service and word-of-mouth takes care of the rest.”

What is the word-of-mouth for Carver County as far as business growth and development? Jim knows that if we want to develop a reputation for being a great place to start up a small business our administration needs to stand behind them. Jim says as it is right now, why would anyone choose to start up a business here when all they have to do is drive around the area and see the many empty buildings of those who tried and didn’t get the support they needed to stay in business? They are taxed to death and the remaining businesses are left holding the bag, expected to pick up the tax load. Word-of-mouth travels in the business world just as well as it does in the community. Carver County is not business friendly. We need an elected official who “gets it” and is 100 percent behind the small business owner.

Jim has owned his businesses, he’s been out talking to many business owners in the community and is continuing to do so. He knows this community needs a boost in the right direction and he will be committed to do more than lip service to get it done. Jim has a hobby farm here in Carver County and also one in South Dakota. He understands why many Minnesota businesses are moving their operations to South Dakota. Much better tax climate.

He wants to see businesses remain here in Minnesota by giving them the tax breaks and incentives they need to be able to do that. Jim has also been speaking to many farmers in the area and knows that farming is every bit as important a business to this community as any other.

I’ve known Jim Walter a long time. If he says he’ll get the job done, he’ll get it done. His campaign slogan is, “It’s Time.” It sure is!

John Meuwissen


Abortion has damaged nation’s moral fabric

To the editor:

Surprise, surprise, people disappointed in their government’s decision making? When as a nation people vote for pro-abortion candidates year after year, what do we expect?

These elected officials are fundamentally flawed to begin with, in their thinking, that it is OK to legally kill little human “persons.” How can politicians make good decisions in other areas when they miss the most basic?

We must as a nation stop voting for pro-abortion candidates! This should be on a local, state and federal level. A candidate shouldn’t be voted in for “dog catcher” who is OK with legally killing babies. It isn’t fair to the dogs!
One can judge a candidate by his or her past voting record. (Please take time to find it out.) President Obama, while representing Illinois, had the most pro-abortion liberal record of all the Senate. He was the only one to vote to deny “health care” for babies born alive after an abortion attempt; and we are to believe he will protect our health care with “Obama Care”? Not on your life! He should have never been voted in as anything in the first place, much less president, because of his voting record.

This election year 2012 is crucial. The moral fabric of our nation has become weakened after 40 years of the legal killing of 53 million unborn babies. Voting is not just about politics or being faithful to a party. One’s vote has a moral obligation carrying grave consequences for now as well as Eternity.

Our religious leaders are realizing this more than ever in regard to the H.H.S. federal mandate, going against religious freedom and certainly the redefining of marriage. It seems we’ve hit the day where evil is being called good and good is being called evil.

God’s Law was the foundation on which our country was founded. He is the Source of our rights of Life, Liberty and Freedom.

May we pray and vote for our leaders with this in mind.


Dan and Monica Mahon