10-18-12 Patriot Letters to the Editor

Lynch is considerate, thoughtful leader
To the editor: I am writing in support of Commissioner Tim Lynch. I have been able to meet Tim many times over the last four years as my husband has served on the Waconia City Council and has interacted with Tim. Tim is a thoughtful leader who takes time to listen to concerns and then follows up with you after you have spoken. I have seen Tim conduct himself in a calm, considerate manner even when being pressed on issues in the various meetings I have seen him in. Tim is a person that I trust to represent me on the county board. I have also seen his competitor in similar meetings and can only say that he does not have the temperament that will stand up well under the stress of being a community leader. He shouts at people when he feels that his point is not being agreed with, and becomes belligerent; this is not something I think we want in a county commissioner. The thing I like about Tim the most is his transparency, honesty, and his responsibility. He will take on issues head on, and not shirk his accountability to the public. Because I want someone who represents me on the county board, I’m voting for Tim Lynch.

– Kim Nash, Waconia

Board chair says fiber ring is not a boondoggle
To the editor: As a resident of Waconia Township and from my perspective as Board Chair of Waconia School District 110, I would like to publicly thank Carver County Commissioners Randy Maluchnik, Tim Lynch, Jim Ische, and Gayle Degler for their leadership in securing federal grant money to provide a fiber ring to Carver County. Waconia School District 110 will receive approximately a 500% increase in bandwidth for a quarter of the cost that we currently are paying. This provides an excellent opportunity for us to deliver current and relevant instruction, utilizing the latest technologies to prepare our students for college and to compete in today’s global marketplace. In addition, to the District having the ability to make further increases to bandwidth at a lower cost than currently available, a lesser known element of the project is the separate fiber backbone that connects all of the Carver County entities. The District will have the opportunity to work with other connected county agencies and other school districts to collaborate on a variety of shared information systems. This ability is not available today and would not be possible without this project. In District 110, we are investing in technology to integrate curriculum to provide education for our students. Today, a robust broadband network is critical to support the basic needs of our students and district. Without this fiber ring, our students would have much more limited opportunities. In addition to the benefits, the fiber ring will provide opportunities for higher speed and more reliable broadband for all citizens of Carver County. Our local business community will benefit with greater access to higher speed and increased bandwidth to support core business systems and grow. Fiber also provides a global marketing tool for our communities to recruit new and retain current businesses with the assurance of robust broadband service. As a resident of Waconia Township I am looking forward to providers having the ability and opportunity to work with the county to connect into the ring serving new customers in rural Carver County that are underserved and to better serve their current customers.

– Teresa Kittridge, Waconia

Township Lawyer offers support for Judge Messerich
To the editor: I understand how difficult it is for people to evaluate the performance of judges and make an educated decision on whether to return them to the bench at election time. Because I spend a great deal of time in courtrooms, I have the opportunity to observe various judges perform the duties mandated by our constitution. Judge Kathryn Messerich deserves re-election. She is bright, articulate and fair. That is exactly what everyone appearing before the court deserves in our judicial system.

– Dennis Patrick Moriarty, Attorney at Law, Shakopee

Editor’s note: Judge Kathryn Messerich has served in Minnesota’s 1st Judicial District, which includes Carver County, since 2004.

DFL chairman applauds candidates’ commitment
To the editor: As DFL chair for Senate District 47, I wish to share the good news with the voters in the district that the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is offering two excellent candidates for state office. Jim Weygand, the former mayor of Carver, is running for the State Senate. Keith Pickering of Watertown is running to represent the western part of the district in the State House of Representatives. In working with them I have seen two citizens step forward to serve the people totally out of concern for the welfare of the public and to provide a choice for voters. If they had not done so, Democrats and Independents would not have had candidates to consider as choices. A one party situation would not be good! It was very inspiring to us active in the DFL in this area to see these two candidates step forward with courage and commitment in a conservative leaning community. May we all be thankful for that and vote.

– Richard Donnay, Chanhassen, DFL Chairman for Senate District 47

Candidates would restore county government
To the editor: We as “The People” of Carver County have a mission of restoring the “mind set” of morals, principles and fiscal responsibilities to our government center. This mission is already under way with campaigning in each of our five commissioner districts. I write in support of our new candidates Frank Long in #4, Jim Walter in #5 and Vince Beaudette in commissioner district #3. Each of these men have the mind set that it will take as we go about the mission of restoring morals, principles, and fiscal responsibilities in our government center. The Dakota Rail Trail, the fiber cable, the ballroom, The Flower Shop, The Hollywood Radio Tower, The Rumble strips on Co. Rd. 10, Internal sale of Bobcat, are 10 years worth of examples of a lack of being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. It is time that we retire the old commissioners so that they can enjoy their pensions payed by our tax dollar! I ask that on Nov. 6 all voters join in on this mission to restore Carver County government by casting your vote depending on your district 3, 4, 5, Frank Long, Jim Walter, and Vince Beaudette.

– Mark Wickenhauser, Waconia Township

Partisan divide stands in the way of solutions
To the editor: It has been interesting reading some of the letters to the editor lately. They show the big problem facing our state and country is the partisan divide. A divide that goes far beyond just disagreeing on issues, this is a partisan split so severe that it seems to prevent any possibility of working together to resolve our national or state problems: a partisan split that would result in the highest ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate admitting that the party’s highest priority was not the economy or jobs, but to prevent Obama’s re-election; a divide so large that it would cause a Minnesota Representative to be disrespectful and rude at a League of Women’s Voter’s (LWV) meeting on the Voter ID amendment; a divide that would cause four Republican candidates to withdraw from a neutral candidate forum held by the LWV. I would agree that many members of the LWV’s lean to the left of center, but they have always tried to remain neutral as an organization and have not shown a bias one way or the other at candidate forums. They have taken a stand on the voter ID, but only after making an extensive study of the issue and getting an organizational consensus. It is not surprising that the league would take this view since their origins date back to a time when women were prevented from exercising their electoral rights. I do want to give credit to Senator Ortman for not letting the partisan divide prevent her taking part in the LWV forum. Unfortunately, I feel that this divide played a role in her signing of the No New Taxes Pledge which prevents her from considering all options when addressing the state’s fiscal issues. This is why I plan to vote for Jim Weygand for State Senate. He is not letting any partisan divide stand in the way of his considering all solutions when addressing the state’s issues.

– Julie Weeden, Chaska

It takes courage to stand up for civil rights
To the editor: I am a faithful Catholic. I graduated from a Catholic high school and a Catholic college. I have served on the school board of St. Joseph Catholic School and I am an active parishioner at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Waconia. I believe my sacramental marriage is so much more than civil marriage, but both are called “marriage.” To me, the sacrament of Holy Matrimony is much more than civic marriage, so let’s keep our focus on our sacramental bond and leave the civic definition alone. Our faith teaches us to form a conscience based in morality. Our faith teaches us to fight for dignity of all human life, regardless of sin. We are all sinners in God’s eyes. I am not confused or duped by those who oppose this dangerous constitutional amendment, as suggested by my priest’s recent homily. I am disappointed that our Mother Church has entered the fray that interferes with the religious freedom of others. It has been extremely disheartening to see Archbishop Neinstedt abuse his position of authority within our Church to pedal influence on a civil matter that impacts the constitutional rights of all citizens. Ask yourself what precedent this would set. What if a Mormon or Islamic belief were being proposed for adoption into our civic constitution? What about other Christian churches who recognize and support same-sex couples? Our religious freedom is only protected if we also allow the religious freedom of others. Our state Constitution is a civic document that is intended to protect rights and should never be used to deny liberty, freedom or equality to another based on a religious belief. Our country is based on liberty, justice and freedom for all human beings. Dignity, respect, equality, justice, liberty and freedom are indeed human rights! It’s amazing to envision a society that values all of its people, a true Christian value. The old saying, “What Would Jesus Do” is so simple, yet such a powerful reminder of our humanity and constant struggle to choose Jesus’s message of love, forgiveness and selfless service to others. He doesn’t call us to play God and judge others. In my experience investigating child abuse and neglect, and working with families to provide safety and stability to children, I have met loving same-sex couples who took in and raised children and I’ve seen these children flourish. I have also been discouraged by so many households of married moms and dads who do not show love, commitment, dignity and respect for each other, let alone their children. It’s not the definition of marriage that needs fixing or protecting; it’s our thoughts and our actions that need fixing! When I hear our young adults talk about this marriage amendment, it gives me hope. Many compare it to historical accounts of various civil rights movements such as slavery and voting rights. I truly hope its our generation of faithful Christians who courageously vote no and defeat this hurtful and discriminatory amendment, but if not, I trust it will not be long for the next generation to correct it and be on the right side of history. It took courageous white men and women to extend human rights to blacks. It took courageous Catholics to extend the Sacrament of Matrimony to inter-faith couples. It took courageous Catholics to extend the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony to inter-racial couples. It took courageous men to extend human rights to women. And it continues to take courageous citizens, straight or otherwise, to stand up for the civil rights of everyone! It is time for courageous Catholics and others to stand up and fight for the rights and freedom for ALL citizens to enter into a civil contract regardless of their sexual orientation. Our religious belief regarding homosexual acts should not interfere with our religious belief of justice, dignity of human life and Free Will of every individual. We are not God. We are all God’s children. We are all called to show His great love in all we do. We must meet people where they are at in their spiritual life. The best way to “protect marriage and family” is to live it in our own actions, not by denying others the right to civil marriage. Please join me in courageously voting NO! May God bless ALL families,

– Leanne Pouliot Kunze, Waconia


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