Cologne Academy receives federal grant

Officials at Cologne Academy recently announced that the school has received a Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) Program grant award of $28,242 to further raise academic achievement for the 2012-13 academic year. The SRSA Program grant allows Cologne Academy to maintain a second Accountability Specialist that manages and improves the enhanced reading and math programs currently offered. These Cologne Academy programs, known as Mixed Up Math (MUM) and Mixed Up Reading (MUR), divide students into small groups based on their knowledge levels, not their grade levels, creating an environment of learners that are at the same level of understanding. “At Cologne Academy, we focus on creating learning environments that most effectively meet the academic needs of all students. By creating a grade-less classroom for our third through eighth grade students in our MUM and MUR programs, students are able to make significant academic gains by grouping them with other students who are at the same academic level for each lesson,” explained Executive Director Lynn Gluck.  The MUM and MUR programs are just two examples of Cologne Academy’s progressive educational programming that creates environments allowing each teacher to give every student more individualized attention.  For more information: