Waconia School Board: Sept. 10, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting The Board of Trustees Waconia Public Schools A Regular of the Board of Trustees of Waconia Public Schools was held Monday, September 10, 2012, beginning at 7:00 PM in the Waconia City Council Chambers. Members Present: Kittridge (7:05pm), Weinand, Thom, Griffin, Johnson, Bullis, Rothstein Members absent: none Call to order by Vice Chair Weinand at 7:00 pm Motions approved (unanimous) 1. Adopt Agenda 2. Approve minutes of August 13, 2012 regular board meeting 3. Approve Consent Agenda Approve Bills and Wire Transfers Approve PSEO Tuition Billing Agreements with Ridgewater College Approve SRO Agreement with Carver County Sheriff Personnel Items: Approve the following leaves of absence: Allyson Benham, Erin Busse, Laura Starr Resignations/Retirements/Terminations: Joanne Buettgen, Kristin Hoff, Lori Stangret, Deb Willsey, Danielle Kirsch, John Adami, Robin Meredith, Bevin Murdock, Kathleen Schultz (Ed. Asst. Position Only) Approve the following long-term substitutes: Marie Erickson (Raether), Jodi Henriksen (DeWolf), Blaine Walstrom (Herby), Tara Pistorius (Bessire) Approve the following new-hires: Angela Woo .25 FTE Math Teacher (new position based on increased enrollment) & PT Educational Assistant (replacement); Kim Harper 1.0 FTE Visual Arts Teacher (replacement); Sarah Christian-Garceau 1.0 FTE Visual Arts Teacher (replacement); Kevin Zimmermann PT Kids Co One-to-One (new position due to increased enrollment) & PT Playground Supervisor (replacement); Leroy Jaurigui FT Tech Assistant (replacement); Rebekah Carpenter PT ELL Assistant (new position based on increased enrollment); Kelly Woytcke PT ECSE ESP (replacement); Sandy Wasness PT Admin Asst to Activities Department (replacement); Shannon Swanson PT Kind Asst (replacement); Alexandra Elorriaga PT Kids Co Aide (replacement); Bernadette Dantona PT Kids Co Aide (replacement); Kylie Kinney PT Kids Co Aide (replacement); Emma Skerik PT Kids Co Aide (replacement); Jessica Ramsey PT Kids Co Aide (replacement); Bailey Frederickson PT Kids Co Aide (replacement); Emma Larson PT Kids Co Aide (replacement); Ashlee Cradick PT Kids Co Aide (replacement) Approve the following Employee Status Changes:     Kathleen Schultz  PT Health Association (add 5.5 hours/wk as Educational Assistant) replacement; Allison Jannette .8 FTE Music (add .2 FTE) increase based on enrollment; Lisa Nielsen PT ESP (add 2.5 hrs/day) increase based on enrollment Receipts of Donation: $5,000. from Bayview PTO • $3,000 for Teachers to purchase materials for their classroom ($60/Teacher) • $2,000 for Bayview General Fund to support  program costs (open house, conferences, Holiday program, Grandparent’s Day, etc.) $13,180.  Bayview PTO: • $450 Playground Maintenance • $2,330 Accelerated Reader • $7,000 school supplies • $3,500 T-shirts for all students $5,609.  Southview PTO: 1st Grade Commons Cabinets 4. Approve .2 FTE Position: Coordinator District 110 Foundation An Employee Status Change for Richard Scott (increase .2 FTE) 5. Board Resolution Relating to Lease of Administrative Space  6. Approve Terms and Conditions for 2012-2014 Work Agreement for Nutritional Staff 7. ADJOURNMENT The preceding is a summary of the official minutes on file at the District Office located at 512 Industrial Blvd, Waconia. The next regular meeting is Oct. 8, 2012 at City Hall. Expenditures by Fund: Gen Fund 1,120,356. Food Service 5543. Com ED 70,245. Total: 1,196,144. Jessica Kilian Clerk (Published in The Waconia Patriot Oct. 18, 2012)