10/25/12 NYA Letters to the Editor

Morality should be defined by God’s word

To the editor:

In her letter to the editor last week, Leann Pouliot Kunze stated that although she is a Catholic, she is opposed to the Marriage Amendment. Furthermore, she criticized Archbishop Nienstedt for his defense of the amendment, stating that he abused his position of authority.

As a spiritual leader for the Catholic Church and as a Christian, it is his responsibility-his moral duty- to explain and defend Biblical teachings. As Christians, we are supposed to speak the truth in love. That’s exactly what he has done.

I do agree with her statement, “Our faith teaches us to form a conscience based in morality.” But how is morality defined? Upon man’s ideas? Or God’s Word?

In Matthew 19:4-6, Jesus clearly defines God’s plan for marriage. “Haven’t you read,” He replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh?’ So they are no longer two but one. Therefore what God has joined together let man not separate.”
I also agree with her statement, “Our religious freedom is only protected if we allow the religious freedom of others.” What I disagree with is a Pollyanna view that if our government allows homosexual marriage, everyone will live side by side happily ever after. This has already been demonstrated in Canada where it is a hate crime for ministers to teach a Biblical view of homosexuality in their own churches. And it’s already happening here in the States.

In Massachusetts, parents are denied notification when homosexual material is going to be presented in the classroom. Justices of the peace have been fired because they refused to marry same sex couples. A photographer was sued for refusing to photograph a same sex ceremony. An investigation is underway by school officials in New Jersey of a school teacher because she posted on her views on homosexuality on her personal Facebook page. A psychology student was denied a college diploma because she said she didn’t think she could counsel a gay couple. Surely, you read of the backlash against Chick-fil-A? Or the effect this has had on Catholic adoption agencies.

This is more than a battle over same sex marriages. This is a battle over religious freedom and free speech.

I do not agree with Leann’s assertion that the Mother Church is wrongly interfering with the religious freedom of others. It is not interfering any more than Hollywood , the media, and various government officials. It is just one voice among many. And I doubt Leann would be saying this if church officials agreed with her position.

Civic matters affect us all and need to be based on the common good. The exercise of free will also has to be tempered. The Catholic Church believes that these unions do not foster the common good. Be aware that the very same arguments used for homosexual marriage can be used to support polygamy. After all, their religious belief says it’s okay and they are committed, loving adults. Pretty soon marriage could mean anything and everything until it means nothing at all.

This truly is about redefining marriage and not about equality. Homosexual individuals have the same right to marriage that every other man and woman has — the right to marry an eligible person of the opposite sex. Homosexual marriage would actually create a special right.

As far as how well children fare, read the recent study published in the prestigious Social Science Journal conducted by Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas. This study of 2,988 randomly selected young adults ages 18-39 found those raised by gay and lesbian couples fared the worst on 40 different outcomes.

“What would Jesus Do?” He would obey His Father even if it required a sacrifice. He would love all sinners, but not their sin. He would offer forgiveness, but would require repentance. He would require us to be Holy.

It also takes courageous people to speak out against homosexual marriage. It’s hard to do that when you know it will hurt the feelings of people you care about.


Veronica Fiecke
Norwood Young America


Commissioners respond to letter

Editor’s note: ECM policy dictates that candidate letters are not accepted, unless the candidate is responding to an attack or accusation from a previous letter writer.

To the editor:

In the Oct. 18 edition of newspapers across the county, Mr. Mark Wickenhauser wrote a letter that is extremely misleading, not factual, and casts a light of unethical behavior over the sitting county commissioners. We want to set the record straight and point out that Mr. Wickenhauser’s attempt to make us look bad is being directed by our political opponents who are unwilling or afraid to confront us in public debate.

The worst offense by Mr. Wickenhauser is the accusation that the county sold an excess piece of equipment (bobcat) internally and illegally. In checking the facts, which we would encourage Mr. Wickenhauser to try next time) we show the only transactions involving bobcat machines were market-based trade-ins with dealers or open, competitive sales to individuals who did not work for the county and in fact did not even live in the state of Minnesota.

Accusing us of illegal activity is something we take seriously. Mr. Wickenhauser is clearly wrong and should apologize for his misguided statements. We abide by laws and rules as commissioners and suggest that Mr. Wickenhauser and his associates do the same before leveling false accusations at us.

Tim Lynch, Carver County Commissioner District 4
Jim Ische, Carver County Commissioner District 5


Is it courageous to mislead?

To the editor:

I’m a faithful Catholic. A Catholic schools and Jesuit university graduate. A St. Boniface parishioner, who serves Catholic institutions.

Catholic Leanne Pouliot Kunze, last election’s Democrat candidate, wrote with audacity recently, rewriting Catholic core belief, and worse, confusing the definition of morality and how to form a conscious with Christ.

This isn’t only about marriage.

Remember what Leanne supported: Obamacare and promises there’d be no forced abortion, death panels, rationing, insisting she fights for all human life.

Only now the full force of government is used against Catholics, all Judeo-Christians, to fund the contraception, sterilization, abortion-inducing-drug mandate. Freedom of religion destroyed, a hammer disassembles faith. It doesn’t end. Now un-elected panels without medical training undoubtedly ration care, hitting the very young, old, infirm. Remember promises this wouldn’t happen? It has.

This election year, fabrication makes her arguments work. Even conjuring up a world where traditional families exist to abuse their children. Don’t be duped by Progressives who dismantle everything we know, every code we live by, every belief. “The ends justify the means” no matter how much strife, to create a new, alien society more to their liking.
It’s done inside out, by leading Catholics astray, with Catholic lawmakers like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi substituting egocentric legislations for eternal truth, pushing government intervention to nudge us in direct opposition to Christ’s teachings, as well as our Constitution. This particular nudge eliminates the need for marriage, destabilizes the family, faith, society.

This is an old story. The arguments sound courageous, rational, modern, enticing generations. But in practice, bring misery, death.

Look around, we’re children of immigrants. People from Germany, Poland, Ireland and more fled this tyrannical progress “Forward.” My grandmother, born in Kraków in 1907, witnessed how, little by little, Progressive thought brought forth tremendous evil and horror wrought on her homeland. Then God Himself was banished, religion forbidden.
Pope John Paul II was “her pope.” That Great Pope warned about the “Culture of Death,” and taught man and woman become one in the Sacrament of Holy Marriage, a sacred design open to a “Culture of Life.”

The question our Bishops ask is this: “Does destruction of marriage pose new threats to our life, families, children, our faith, liberty and public moral witness? Does it mislead to something more, ultimately ending in intrinsic evil? If that’s the case, we, regardless of party affiliation, should defend marriage and vote ‘yes’.”
Veni, Sancte Spiritus,

Amy Anderson
Waconia Township


Entrepreneur supports Leidiger for state House

To the editor:

As an inventor and entrepreneur, I am confident that my vote for Representative Ernie Leidiger will help insure the vigorous and informed representation we need for job growth and prosperity in our state and our community. I do not have that same confidence in his opponent.

Representative Ernie Leidiger’s opponent this season, along with several like-minded Democrats, has trumpeted poll results (“Strib” Nov 9, 2011) which clearly reflect the success of long-term institutional indoctrination of our young people by media and academia. His confidence in the ultimate demographic effects of this orchestrated and determined brainwashing, evoked his “radical” suggestion that those of us who oppose his leftist views should just give up.

I have a better idea: Let’s pop that bubble and re-elect State House District 47A Representative Ernie Leidiger!

Then vote YES on both the Voter ID amendment and the Marriage amendment.
All of these votes will help stabilize our teetering economy and society, and put us on a road to recovery by: 1. Restoring confidence in future elections; 2. Protecting the family as the basic building block of our society; and 3. Retaining a State Representative who understands government impediments to economic growth.

Vada Larson


Writer thanks politicians for supporting Hwy 212

To the editor:

U.S. Highway 212 has played a critical role in the development of our area. This high-priority interregional corridor has served as the main route for moving products and people through our area for many decades and we now see a surge in economic development including medical and manufacturing businesses that attribute their location here to quality of Highway 212.

I would like to thank our elected officials for the support they have provided. In particular, I would like to thank U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar for her work in advocating for federal highway dollars to be used to improve safety and access on Highway 212. We have also benefitted from the support of State Senator Julianne Ortman and Representative Joe Hoppe who have both advocated for both the New Highway 212 and continued work toward our ultimate goal of a continuous four-lane highway. Having support from members of both political parties underlies the obvious importance of Highway 212 to our state’s economy.

The Southwest Corridor Transportation Coalition believes that MnDOT should ensure that funds that were directed to Highway 212 be spent to make needed safety and access improvements on Highway 212 so that the intent of our elected officials is carried out.

Robert Lindall
President, Southwest Corridor Transportation Coalition


Follow God’s standard for marriage and be blessed

To the editor:

Dear voters: I am writing about the Man/Woman Marriage issue, which is a voter choice in the Nov. 6, 2012 election.
Genesis 1: 27 states: “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Genesis: 1:28 states: “God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it….”

We were given a standard on the sixth day of creation. It’s clear and simple. It’s good.
Follow God’s standard and be blessed!

Please use your Christian intuition when you vote.
Pax Christus!

Alan Krueger
Norwood Young America


Writer defends yes vote on marriage amendment

To the editor:

I, too, am a faithful Catholic. I graduated from a Catholic high school. I am married to the same man for 50 years and a mother of eight. I have served on the St. Joseph’s School Board and am an active parishioner of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. I taught Confirmation class in the Faith Formation program for six years in Waconia. I do not, however presume to speak for the church’s position on same sex marriage. This is not a Catholic issue, but, rather, a moral issue. I speak as an American citizen with a concern for my country and my state.

If the letter writer is so gravely concerned about civil rights and dignity, respect, equality, justice, liberty and freedom, how about some concern for the unborn? Her party’s platform has none!

Is anyone aware of the impact of the 2005 same sex marriage law on parental and religious rights in Canada and what a similar law could do to Minnesota if marriage is redefined?
I take offense at the way the same sex marriage supporter of last week’s letter disrespectfully treated our pastor, Fr. Bennet Tran (who gave us a fair and well-balanced sermon) and Bishop Neinstedt (who is trying to guide his people in difficult times).

If the letter writer had all that Catholic education, she should have learned of the danger of values clarification and situational ethics. That is what we are facing in Minnesota on election day. Please vote yes for marriage.

Sharon A. Brown
Waconia Township


Traditional marriage is natural and strong

To the editor:

Regarding Ms. Kunze’s letter to the editor last week, I, for one, commend Archbishop Nienstedt and the clergy for speaking in support of the marriage amendment. He knows that the truth about marriage — and the family and society founded upon it — is strong enough for its own defense. It is written in the Natural law and knowable by all men and women through the exercise of right reason. It simply takes men and women of courage to articulate it.

Marriage has been primarily about the raising of children (who seem to be hardwired to be best raised by a father and a mother who are married to each other). The state has had a legitimate interest in favoring such traditional marriages as a way of investing in the future of society. That marriage is a life-long union between a man and a woman is certainly part of Catholic teaching, which holds it to be a sacrament. However, marriage as an institution predates both church and state. Since it is not a creation of church or state, neither has any authority to change the nature of marriage. The common good demands that the understanding of marriage as a union between one man and one woman not be lost. Marriage is about what kids need, not what adults want.

Since 1973, when abortion was legalized, living together without any commitment became more common; hence, fewer marriages. In Spain, after gay marriage was introduced, marriage rates across the whole population plummeted. In the Netherlands too there has been a significant fall in the marriage rate since marriage was redefined. Same-sex marriage does not promote marriage. Rewriting the meaning of marriage will have a far-reaching impact on society. Thousands of laws make reference to marriage. Official documents will need to be rewritten to remove words like ‘husband’ and ‘wife.’ In France the government is eradicating the words ‘father’ and ‘mother’ from all official documents. The Church of England has warned that it could lead to disestablishment and a constitutional crisis. I cannot imagine what the cost of something like this would be or where the money would come from to pay for it.

The Lord said, “I am the Bread of Life. He who follows me will have eternal life.” If we are to be faithful to the truth about the human person, we must oppose uncompromisingly policies and laws that undermine the common good. One might invite the person who experiences same sex attractions to conversion and, in place of behavior viewed as sinful, propose chastity.

Vote “Yes” to protect marriage between one man and one woman.

Irene Dzarnoski


Writer says Weygand has what it takes for senate

To the editor:

Carver County voters have a tremendous opportunity in this upcoming election to vote for Jim Weygand. Jim entered the race for the Minnesota Senate with a proven track record of successful leadership as the former mayor of Carver. Jim was also on the Carver City Council prior to being elected mayor and on the Rochester, Minnesota Transit Committee for 18 years. He is well-equipped to deal with the financial and budgetary challenges that face our local communities and our state.

Jim has always believed that investment in our people and in our state is what has made Minnesota a great place to live, work and do business. This belief is what drew Jim and his wife, Joanne, to our state more than 40 years ago. This belief is what led Jim to support the development of critical infrastructure in Carver to draw new homeowners and businesses to the area. This belief is also why he is disappointed that our current legislature has stopped investing in our people and our state in order to conform to extreme political ideologies.

I know that Jim Weygand will help break the political gridlock in the state legislature. He believes in spirited and informed debate among politicians with different viewpoints but at the end of the day working together to find solutions that best serve the people of Minnesota and Carver County. Jim is not afraid to challenge and cross what have increasingly become rigid party boundaries in order to do what is just and fair for his constituents.

Please join me on Nov. 6 in casting a vote for Jim Weygand for State Senate!

Laura Helmer


Church support for biblical marriage should not surprise

To the editor:

Oh boy, how best to respond to a letter that has so many distortions, misstatements of fact and unfair criticism of her adversaries.

After starting her epistle with her “religious credentials,” in a letter to the editor last week, Leanne Pouliot Kunze then proceeds to negate her parish priests’ homily and then engage in a bit of “Bishop bashing” at Archbishop John Nienstedt for his support of the marriage amendment. It should not come as a surprise that Archbishop Nienstedt would uphold the biblical injunction that marriage is between a man and a woman!

She then asks in an accusatory manner, “What would Jesus do?” Well, Jesus would forgive the sinner if that person were repentant, and say as He does to all of us, “go now and sin no more.” There are clear injunctions in both the old and new testament (See Romans 1:24-27) for just one. It is not a mark of Christian love to condone homosexuality.

Words have meaning. The word “gay” is used to mean joyous, lively, merry, bright, etc. The word has now been perverted to mean wanton, licentious, homosexual. Now, the attempt is being made to steal word “marriage” that for thousands of years mean a union between a man and woman. Well, forgive me, a happily married man for 57 years, for taking umbrage at their attempted theft of that honorable institution.

Finally, the opponents of the amendment insist it is not necessary. They never mention the pastors jailed for “hate speech” or adoption agencies closed for choosing to place children in married homes and not with homosexual couples. Lawsuits galore! To avert this disaster we must put the marriage amendment into our state constitution as have 31 other states before us.

Mike Burns


Ische remains the right choice for District 5

To the editor:

I would like to encourage everyone to vote for Jim Ische for Carver County Commissioner.
I have known Jim for over 20 years and I feel he has been doing a great job for all the people of Carver County. He’s a hard worker, has experience in county government and he listens to both sides of all issues. Jim is a great family man and an asset to his community.
Carver County is changing and we need a commissioner that supports the agricultural producers as well as the growth that is happening in our communities.
Even though I’m not in Jim’s district, I urge you to re-elect Jim Ische on Nov. 6.

Yvonne Hoese


Walter can bring fiscal responsibility to county

To the editor:

I live in rural Carver County and see how my neighbors have been struggling in recent times. Jim Walter is concerned for those people in the County as he has contacted many of them while door knocking. I know Jim Walter has the background as a small business man to bring more fiscal responsibility and agility to County government. For a more responsive and less costly County government, I am supporting Jim Walter for County Commissioner in District 5 and urge you to do so, also.

Tim Colliton
Camden Township


Leidiger can help get government out of the way

To the editor:

Ernie Leidiger is like us, a conservative and business man facing these hard times, but he knows what it takes not only to survive but to succeed and turn this economy around. To get government out of the way and off the backs of working people, businesses and farmers so they can once again hire and create more jobs to putting people back to work.
We cannot afford to allow government to spend our money unnecessarily which is hindering our economic growth. This has resulted in job and home loss.
Vote for Ernie Leidiger for State Representative on November 6th.
My vote will also be cast for Michelle Bachmann for Congress.

Terry and Clarence Maschke
Norwood Young America


Christians should love the sinner and hate the sin

To the editor:

This is a letter meant for all Christians who believe the Bible to be God’s word to His people. It is a reminder of what He says regarding issues that affect our lives in His kingdom here on earth: “We must obey God rather than man.” (Acts 5:29).
We should NOT allow or encourage behavior that He finds detestable — see I Corinthians 6:9, Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13.
These Scripture verses remind us that the sin of homosexuality is abominable to the Lord. We love the sinner and hate the sin. Vote YES on the marriage amendment to protect the family as God created it.
(You cannot sit on the fence on this vote — by leaving this “blank” on the ballot you actually are voting no.)

Peggy and Pastor David Winter
Norwood Young America


Vote your conscience on the marriage amendment

To the editor:

In response to the letter writer from last week, I am offended and saddened. I, too, am a faithful Catholic and have been a longtime active parishioner at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Waconia. Unlike the previous writer, who tells of her complete Catholic education, I happen to be a convert, and do not feel our church, Archbishop, and priest should have been so unjustly criticized.
She went into great detail about everyone’s civil rights, but neglected to mention the civil rights of the unborn. Our priest’s homily was taken from Genesis. This first book of the Bible contains many religious teachings of basic importance, one of which is the institution of marriage as “the union of one man with one woman.” How can we deviate from that? Our congregation was informed on the issue, and not told how to vote — either “yes” or “no.”
Please vote your conscience and God bless you.

Kathy Brose