10/25/12 NYA Looking Back

10 years ago
Oct. 24, 2002
Despite citizen objections, the Cologne City Council has denied a second request from Aatlas Waste Services for a license to haul garbage in the city by a 3-2 vote. Residents said that Aatlas’ price would cut their costs in half, but council members rejected the proposal since the company had solicited business before receiving a license to do so.

A council race in Norwood Young America pits incumbent Mary Spille against challengers Adam Barlau and Del Brelje. Mike McPadden is unopposed in his bid for the mayor’s seat.

In Hamburg, Mike Buckentin and Sean Smith are running for mayor.

20 years ago
Oct. 29, 1992
Young America Corporation marked its 20th anniversary with a half-day celebration for all 1,000 company employees last Friday. In the last year, Young America Corp. has doubled its number of employees and the payroll impact on surrounding communities is about $35 million.

Five car thefts have occurred around town in the past three weeks. In all cases, keys were left in the cars. Three cars have been recovered and the Sheriff’s Office suspects the cars are being taken for joyriding, since those recovered were found on the side of the road or in a ditch.

A manager at the Holiday store in Norwood has been charged with the theft of over $7,000 during the month of September.

30 years ago
Oct. 28, 1982
State voters will weigh in on a proposed amendment to permit the legislature to authorize on-track parimutuel betting on horse racing this fall. Norwood farmer Walter Bussmann is the treasurer for a group called “Citizens Concerned for Morality in Government,” which opposes the amendment. In favor of the amendment is Jack Budahn, who is the president of the Minnesota Harness Racing Association.

Hamburg property owners will see a substantial increase in their taxes next year after the city council approved a levy increase of 39 percent. The big jump is mainly to help cover the cost of the Jacob Street improvement project.

Jack Hendrickson is competing against Al Wallin to become the next Carver County Sheriff.

40 years ago
Oct. 26, 1972

A $500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of an individual who started a road construction caterpillar tractor and let it run uncontrolled near County Road 43 and Highway 212 in Dahlgren Township early Tuesday morning.

The machine ran through the Lawrence Kettner farm, then demolished a machine shed and garage, along with a baler, cornpicker and other miscellaneous items at the Ed Hammers farm.

Finally, the tractor smashed into the Fred Buckentin residence and ended up in the basement. Mr. and Mrs. Buckentin were both taken to the hospital and were listed in good and fair condition, respectively.