NYA school board considers action to repair high school track

By Margaret Lemke
Staff Writer

In a brief meeting Monday. Oct. 22, District 108 School Board members approved several donations, approved a new two-year contract for school employees and discussed the 2012-2013 levy that will be approved in December.

Board members approved a two-year contract with the Minnesota School Employees Association that calls for a two percent increase over each of the two years. Superintendent Brian Corlett said that a small language change was the only other change in the contract.

The board also briefly discussed the upcoming levy. Corlett said he will be recommending that the board keep about $55,000 of the $70,000 it has been deferring in the maintenance levy to cover the costs of upgrading and repairing the high school track. Over the past couple of years the board has deferred $70,000 from the maintenance fund to help pay for additional costs in the bonding for the elementary school remodel. Corlett said this year the track needs extensive repairs to continue to be usable. Even with the additional $55,000 added to the levy, the 2012-2013 levy will still be 10 percent lower than last year.

In other business, the board:
• Accepted donations from the NYA Lions for the elementary school and homecoming donations from KleinBank, Citizens State Bank and State Bank of Hamburg.

• Approved participation in a Minnesota High School League Foundation program that will grant dollars to the school for student participation.

• Approved hiring Alyssa Cassens as Title I para and Malea Noennig, kindergarten para.

• Will hold the next regular board meeting on Monday, Nov. 26, 6 p.m. in Room A240 of the high school.