Card of Thanks – Eric Reinert and family

One year ago today (October 24, 2011), I set off on my Hawaiian adventure. I wasn’t sure what to expect of how things were going to go, and in hindsight, that is a HUGE understatement.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I am such a blessed individual.  The disease itself was horrible and still affects me, and probably will for life.  But the love that I was shown was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Thanks to everyone, my mom & dad, my family, my friends, all the visitors, the people who made my family meals for weeks and weeks, the personal trainers, the doctors (Hawaii, and Mainland) the hospital staff, my chiropractor, personal masseuse, runners in the “Run for Rick”, the entire Watertown community, and every single person that said a prayer for me or supported me in anyway. Words can’t explain how grateful I am, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. keep living the dream!  -Eric Reinert

Let me add a few more words to Eric’s.  We understand, as a family, that we will never be able to thank everyone for their love, support, assistance, money, time, and prayers- mostly because many of you donated to the trust fund and we did not have privy to names.  Also, many of you, quietly without notice, brought meals, cards, and did kind deeds anonymously.   We received many gifts at a time when we were in a deep fog.  Those first months back home were a blur and we were not able to acknowledge your kindness in a timely manner. To ALL of you, known and unknown, we want to say thank you and assure you that anything and everything you did for us was noticed by God!  May He bless you richly for your love.  – Linda Reinert