Royal Happenings: W-M Technology by the numbers

By Dan Sieling

W-M District Technology Director

It has been a busy summer and fall for the Watertown-Mayer Technology Department. Thanks to the passage of last fall’s Operating Levy, the school board’s commitment to technology, and some timely donations, the school district has been working hard to provide the technology to help our students develop into 21st Century Learners. Here are some numbers that you may find interesting:

• 1,800 – The number of iPads the school district has deployed into the hands of students and staff in the past 12 months.
• 18 – The number of iPads that have been turned in with a cracked screen. Most of the damage was done in the first 3 weeks of the school year. Students and staff are learning to take better care of their tablets. All broken iPads were covered by insurance.
• 90 – The percentage of teachers in our Primary School and Elementary School that are utilizing Smart Boards in their classrooms.
• 95 – The percentage of classrooms in the district that have data/video projectors. Students and staff are able to project an image from their computers and/or iPads onto a whiteboard for the entire class to view.
• 40 – The bandwidth (in mps) of internet access for our school district. This bottleneck has created slow internet access and has been a frustration for staff and students. The school district did anticipate this problem and looks to the Carver County Fiber Optic Initiative to provide relief in this area. The project, scheduled to be completed by Jan. 1, 2013, should provide sufficient bandwidth for less money than we are spending now.
• 50 – The approximate percentage of paper saved by using iPads. Although it is too early to have a more accurate number, many teachers are estimating that they are using between 40-80 percent less paper than last year. One high school teacher estimates that his paper usage is down 90 percent this year.
• 96 – The number of wireless access points distributed throughout the district’s four buildings. All buildings now have complete wireless access to the internet. This network, along with the new iPads, allow students to have instantaneous access to research information on the internet.
• 22 – The number of servers that are now deployed in our district. This number will be greatly reduced when our Virtual Server project is completed in the next several weeks. This project will allow us to removed up to twelve outdated servers from our network, some of which are up to ten years old. By virtualizing our servers, the district will save time, energy, and money.
• 1,594 – The number of Watertown-Mayer students enjoying iPads.

Royal Happenings is an occasional feature in the Carver County News. Content is provided by Watertown-Mayer staff.