Mackenthun’s employees go all out for Stuff-A-Truck

Fans of “The Hunger Games” will recognize Dale Rademacher’s new look. Submitted Photo
Fans of “The Hunger Games” will recognize Dale Rademacher’s new look. Submitted Photo

Since 2003, Mackenthun’s Fine Foods in Waconia has raised a total of 177,873 lbs of food for the Waconia United, NYA Carver and Watertown Friends for Life food shelves. Taking care of the community has always been a priority for Mackenthun’s. In the past years, there have been food drives in the Waconia, NYA, Watertown, Mayer and Victoria Schools coordinated by Mackenthun’s for Stuff-A-Truck. Mackenthun’s also sold pre-packaged $10 grocery bags, $1 and $5 Stuff-A-Truck mobiles and donation cups at the registers.
This year, in honor of Stuff-A-Truck’s 10th annual year, an idea put forth by one of Mackenthun’s very own employees, Katie Torgeson, introduced an opportunity for employees to donate to Stuff-A-Truck.
Mackenthun’s employees were urged to raise $500 dollars for Stuff-A-Truck. Upon reaching this goal, the Assistant Store Manager, Dale Rademacher, would shave his beard to resemble Wes Bentley from the popular movie “The Hunger Games.”
Mackenthun’s dressed up the store mannequin to resemble Rademacher and also made a thermometer in the break room to keep record of donations. On Thursday, Oct. 26, Mackenthun’s employees cheered as the announcement was made over the intercom that Rademacher would be shaving his beard on Monday, Oct. 29 at 4:30 p.m. A special thank you is given out to Mackenthun’s employees who donated and helped make this event happen. Also a special thanks to Off the Top hair salon in Waconia for allowing Laurie Felt to donate her time and expertise in shaving Rademacher’s beard.
Be sure to stop in at Mackenthun’s to see Rademacher’s new look!