Technology upgrades continue at Central

I just don’t know where the years go anymore. The end of the first quarter and fall sports will be wrapping up this week already. One sport will not wrap up until Saturday for two of the Raiders, however, and as a district we couldn’t be “prouder” of them (as the cheer goes). We have a female and male competitor running on Saturday, as Judy Larson and Alex Wischnack will both represent Central at the state meet. Best wishes and support for those two as they continue their successful seasons.

As many parents have already seen and signed up to gain access to, we have implemented a new student information system to keep all of our student data and records, as well as provide parent and student access to these records. From what I have seen and worked with, this Infinite Campus system is much more robust and easier to navigate than the old system we used in years past.

We also have “one stop shopping” on the campus system for grades, attendance, discipline records, past and future assignments, and on line communication with teachers. Wrapping all these features into one system saves time and effort for both students and parents, and while each new technology change takes some time for both staff and users to adapt to, we believe this system will be useful for many years into the future.

Speaking of technology, we are currently working to get wireless access throughout our buildings to ready us for future technology advances and implementations as we see fit. The amount of dollars the district has spent in the past eight years far outpaces the amount of dollars promised for spending on technology in the referendum passed in 2003 and renewed in 2008. Priorities have called for this spending and while we are still in somewhat of a catch up mode, we are getting there. We are thankful that we have supportive communities to pass these levies to support these programs.

Construction is finally wrapping up for good we hope. Still a bit of adjusting to some of the controls in the building, but nothing really brick and mortar left. We are all thankful that the project is coming to an end and believe the benefits of all this work will make the sacrifices staff have had to make the past three summers worth the effort. Thanks for your support of our district. See you in the paper.

Brian Corlett is superintendent of Central Public Schools. Corlett’s Cracker Barrel is a regular feature of The Norwood Young America Times.