ECM Editorial: ECM endorsements for No. 6 election


Over the past several weeks, the ECM Editorial Board has shared its voting recommendations for key elections on Tuesday, Nov. 6. We do not make these decisions lightly and do so only after hundreds of hours of work by a number of editorial board panels and the full board that interviewed numerous candidates and researched issues facing voters this fall.

Below is a review of the recommendations. Complete transcripts of each editorial can be found under the opinion/commentary link at or on this ECM newspaper’s web page.

State Constitutional Amendments
Amendment 1: Recognition of marriage solely between one man and one woman. Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota? Our recommendation: No.

Amendment 2: Photo identification required for voting. Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require all voters to present valid photo identification to vote and to require the state to provide free identification to eligible voters, effective July 13, 2013? Our recommendation: No.

Voters are reminded that failure to vote on a constitutional amendment has the same effect as voting no on the amendment.

U.S. Senate
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, DFL.

Congressional Districts
2nd District: Mike Obermueller, DFL, Eagan.
3rd District: Rep. Erik Paulsen, R, Eden Prairie.
4th District: Rep. Betty McCollum, DFL, St. Paul.
5th District: Rep. Keith Ellison, DFL, Minneapolis.
6th District: Jim Graves, DFL, St. Cloud.
8th District: Rep. Chip Cravaack, R, North Branch.

Some readers on occasion question why newspapers make political endorsements. For the ECM Editorial Board, the political endorsement process is a way to stimulate conversation on important topics and our effort at aiding in the democratic process that asks citizens to participate in electing leaders and deciding key issues.

The recommendations that this board has formulated are based solely on research of the board and represent our assessment of who can best serve our communities at this point in time. By having the opportunity to meet face to face with candidates and gleaning information from leaders promoting the constitutional questions, we believe we provide a special service to all readers.

Above all, readers are reminded that our endorsements are nothing more than recommendations. We hope they stimulate your desire to take part in the process on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and that you cast your ballot as you see best.

An editorial from the ECM Editorial Board. The Norwood Young America Times is part of ECM Publishers.