11/8/12 NYA Looking Back

10 years ago
Nov. 7, 2002
The Central football team has reached the state quarterfinals and will face Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton at Moorhead this Friday. The Raiders earned that trip with a 26-12 victory over Holdingford for the first section championship in school history.

Teddy Roosevelt was president and television was still decades away when Elizabeth McCormick was born in 1902. Family, friends and neighbors helped the Peace Villa resident celebrate her 100th birthday last week.
Employees evacuated Young America Corporation in Norwood after a fire in a dumpster outside the building caused smoke to enter the building. No serious damage was reported.

20 years ago
Nov. 12, 1992
The Norwood City Council has signed an order for repair to proceed at the Hayloft Building. The city was informed in August of a large number of fire code and safety violations in the building. The order is an attempt to force the private owner to proceed with the improvements, and gives him 20 days to respond before the issue will be taken to district court.

Carver County voters were closely split between three presidential candidates. Incumbent George Bush received 39 percent of the votes, Bill Clinton received 32 percent and Ross Perot had 30 percent of votes. Only 406 votes separated Clinton from Perot.

Record turnout was reported locally for the election. In Cologne, 86 percent of registered voters cast ballots. In Hamburg and Young America, 89 percent turned out, and 85 percent cast ballots in Norwood. Voter turnout countywide was 88 percent, statewide was 72 percent and nationwide was 55 percent.

30 years ago
Nov. 11, 1982
A dispute has arisen between the ambulance services of Waconia and Norwood. Waconia has a more advanced unit, but contention has arisen over situations where Norwood could have responded sooner at a third of the cost to the patient and provided adequate service, but the Waconia unit was alerted first by dispatchers.

Jack Hendrickson has been elected the new Carver County Sheriff. He defeated opponent Al Wallin by a vote total of 9,132 votes to 7,734.

Norwood City Council members are still deliberating over what to do about police coverage for 1983. Several cities in the county have balked at signing a patrol contract with the Carver County Sheriff’s Office due to a proposed 14 percent increase in cost. A decision must be made by next month or no patrolling will be available.

40 years ago
Nov. 2, 1972
A majority of residents in Norwood and Young America favor merger of the two cities, according to a question on the ballot during the recent election. In Young America, 298 said they would favor a merger while 102 were against it. In Norwood, 339 were for the merger and 160 were against.

A special dinner and dance has been scheduled by the Hamburg Commercial Club to honor Jim Stuewe of Hamburg who won a gold and a silver medal at the Para-Olympic games in Heidelberg, Germany last summer. Proceeds will sponsor Stuewe’s entrance into the next Para-Olympic games.

The last chance for local residents to pick up Norwood Centennial merchandise is here. All remaining items are being sold at all Norwood businesses and include souvenir Centennial plates, drinking mugs and Centennial books.