Cologne Academy to ‘Give to the Max’ Nov. 15

Cologne Academy is one of many schools throughout the state that will once again ask Minnesotans to display their record-breaking generosity by donating to their favorite charities and schools online at during the fourth annual “Give to the Max Day” on Nov. 15.
Money donated to Cologne Academy will directly benefit its mission of providing students in Cologne and many surrounding areas with a strong education.
“All of us at Cologne Academy are excited to again participate in Give to the Max Day,” said Cologne Academy’s Executive Director Lynn Gluck Peterson.
“We hope to outraise our previous years’ fundraising amounts and have set a goal of $1,155. What is so great about Give to the Max Day is that it gives our community members and regular supporters a new way to show their support that is recognized state-wide. Not only that, but anyone outside of our local community who may want to show their support of our successes here at Cologne Academy has that opportunity on Give to the Max Day.”
“We set single-day records for philanthropic giving in 2009, 2010 and 2011, and want to keep that streak going in 2012,” said Dana Nelson, executive director of GiveMN, which debuted in fall 2009 as the first-of-its-kind giving website and sponsors Give to the Max Day. “This is a day for us to come together as Minnesotans and show our support for the nonprofit organizations and schools that work tirelessly to strengthen our communities.”
During last year’s Give to the Max Day, 47,534 donors logged on to The result: $13.4 million raised for 3,978 Minnesota nonprofits, whose missions range from feeding the hungry, to protecting the environment, to promoting the arts. GiveMN hopes to again raise millions of dollars for thousands of nonprofits and schools, showcasing Minnesota’s unparalleled generosity to the world.
In September 2012, GiveMN launched “Schools on GiveMN,” allowing K-12 public schools to fundraise on the site and offering giving solutions for parents, friends and neighbors to support the genuine needs of schools and students without purchasing unnecessary products.
During Give to the Max Day, 2012 K-12 public schools will be eligible for prize grants in the form of hourly “Golden Tickets” – an hourly drawing to add $1,000 to a person’s donation, randomly selected from donors who gave during each hour of the event.
At the end of the event, one K-12 public schools donor will be drawn to receive a Super-sized Golden Ticket, adding $10,000 to their donation.
For more information about GiveMN or to see the list of supporting companies that make GiveMN possible, visit