Emanuel releases first quarter honor roll

Emanuel Lutheran School in Hamburg recently released its first quarter honor rolls. School staff congratulate the students listed below.

All As
5th and 6th grade: Leah Crown, Ethan Knudten, Abby Mackenthun, Kacie Miller, Holden Rickaby, and Alex Stuedeman.
7th and 8th grade: Hayden Anderson, Tanner Kurtzweg, Anna Mackenthun, and Samantha Miller.

A- average
5th and 6th grade: Felesha Dammann, Madison Johnson, Joe Knudten, Broghan Oelfke, Samantha Schoenbauer, Maria Sons, and Chris Woestehoff.
7th and 8th grade: Matthew Brinkman, Chauntaya Dammann, and Isaiah Knudten.

B average
5th and 6th grade: Malia Schwing, Mason Milbrand, Casey Wilson, and Zoie Wilson.
7th and 8th grade: Matthew Johnson, Bailey Oelfke, Zack Stockman, and Cassie ZumHofe
Emanuel staff praise God for these students, their talents and hard work!