It’s ‘Anchors Aweigh!’ at Trinity

From left, Katherine Hanke, Rebecca Oelfke, Dawson Graham and John Nygaard perform a scene. Submitted photo
From left, Katherine Hanke, Rebecca Oelfke, Dawson Graham and John Nygaard perform a scene. Submitted photo

Last week, the Trinity Drama Club boarded a singles’ cruise in the drama performance “Anchors Aweigh!” written by Craig Sodaro. The play featured mystery and suspense with mistaken identities, lively chase scenes, and a storm that almost set the entire cruise aground! Greg Brand, fifth grade teacher and Drama Director for the past seven years, worked with 55 fourth through eighth grade students for two and a half months to prepare for two nearly sold out performances. Students handled all aspects of the drama from assistant directing and acting to lighting, sound, photography, tickets sales, curtains, and set preparations. The audience applauded enthusiastically as the students ended another well done performance!

Cast of Characters
Captain Creeg: Daniel Trieff; Chris: Grace Rebai; Naomi: Kaitlin Kramer; Nicole: Rachael Herbes; Ishmael: Zachary Holmgren; Darcy: Jasmine Winter; Sam: Danielle Mahlum; Mike: Nevin Waldron; Jack: Joel Kroese; Prince Alexander De Goo (Al): Garrett Tjernagel; Jarvis: Braedy Roepke; Max: Alex Telford; Bubba: Joshua Marlatt; Prudence De Milo: Makenna Taylor; Violet: Angelia Welter; Hyacinth Divine: Carly Stramer; Ms. Pitts: Emily Blanchfield; College Students: John Nygaard, Dawson Graham, Rebecca Oelfke, Katherine Hanke; Flora: Allison Winter; Dora: Emma Giles; Nora: Abigail Kramer; Madeline Marks: Michaela Wilaby; Marty: Enoch Johnson; Murray: Noah Kroese; Hester: Brooke Harms; Esther: Rachel Gassen; Simon: Graham Friske; Jackie: Alyson Feltmann.

Backstage Crew
Assistant Director: Faith Pawelk; Lighting: Cole Stramer, Zachary Buschena; Sound: Parker Grahn; Head Stage Work: Katelyn Cooper; Stage Work/Curtains: Sawyer Aleckson, Brendan Feltmann; Stage Work: Alexander Murphy, Zachary Buschena, Ahnna Chabot, Joseph Haefliger, Taylor Giles, Collin Manley, Gabrielle Fortman; Head Usher: Lindsay Zellmann; Usher: Hadassa Johnson, Katelyn Feltmann, Brooke Friske, Sophia Haefliger, Brooklyn Reading; Head Admission: Savannah Grobe; Admission: Caitlyn Beck, Reagan Mathistad; Photographer: Karsten Kroening.