11/15/12 NYA Letters to the Editor

Civic responsibility on display during Nov. 6 election

To the editor:

The election is over and my run for the State Senate in SD 47 was unsuccessful. I would like to offer my congratulations to Sen. Ortman on her successful campaign. I think both of us ran good campaigns about issues rather than the negative campaigns seen in many areas.

We should all show appreciation to all those who voted as we again had a large turn out. It is honor to live in a community and state that takes its civic responsibility to heart. Let me add that I appreciated the polite treatment that I received from residents whether they supported me or not. I enjoyed the many opportunities to discuss issues with those who had questions or concerns.

Let me close with some comments about candidate forums. One of the toughest jobs as a candidate is communicating your ideas and views to the voters. Candidate forums provide one tool for communicating with voters. Sen. Ortman and I participated in four candidate forums, and I would like to thank the following groups for their efforts running the forums: Deer Run Homeowners Group, League of Women Voters of Eastern Carver County, Waconia Rotary, Waconia Chamber of Commerce, Waconia Patriot, and the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Jim Weygand


Election signals state of ‘producers’ and ‘takers’

To the editor:

The crushing defeat by the Democrats nationwide serves to highlight our current state of affairs. Pundits, pollsters and politicians will analyze the results for a long time. However, for me one aspect is very clear.

I have written many times that this would be a battle between the “producers and takers.” It is clear a “tipping point” has been reached whereby the producers are outnumbered by those who prefer to sit in the wagon. They have come to expect that re-distribution policies will continue unabated. What was once a “safety net” to aid those in temporary need now has become a generational way of life. The “takers” have re-elected a president, a party and a philosophy to ensure their comforts while occupying the wagon. It remains to be seen how long the “producers” will be willing to work for the unproductive class.

It is also very apparent that the “wagon people” have little understanding or appreciation as to what economic potential exists in this country. They have no desire to engage in a vigorous attempt to improve their economic standing and self worth. Rather they seem reticent to be supervised by a willing “nanny state” government. The sources for this “class warfare” view must be identified and changed!

The country now faces many dire economic realities. I expect the politicians to water down their approach to the coming “fiscal cliff.” I look for some taxes to rise and others to be delayed, a paltry financial reform effort and the debt ceiling to rise. The Fed will continue to print fiat dollars in order to feed the Wall Street addiction. Governmental policies will continue to add to the depth of the impending train wreck with continued spending. All this while we all wait for the next nightmare: the full implementation of Obamacare. Look for inflation to rear up at some point as well.

In fact, while writing this piece, it was announced that Sen. Reid (D) is willing to raise the debt ceiling another $2.4T to a whopping $18.79T in a few months. This on top of a previous increase of $2.4T in Aug. 2011, just 15 months ago! And so it goes.

In Minnesota, the Democrats took back control of the House and Senate. Add a socialist Governor and you have a recipe for higher taxes, more regulations and a negative business climate. Minnesotans will be on the bubble for the next two years as the Dems work their “magic.” I also expect them to use this time in an attempt to codify same sex marriage. You can bet that a euphoric legislature will play the “bipartisanship” game to their advantage.
From school boards to Congress, many difficult decisions must be made. Elections matter and I am not optimistic we can work through this. The next generation has a difficult life ahead of them as the crisis unfolds.

For me, there appears to be little value in continuing to post any more comments in this format. The effort was made but a different course has been charted. One can only sit back and watch as the American Experiment unfolds into a Euro-style socialist morass.
I pray that God will continue to bestow his blessings on this country as we struggle to re-define our values and place in the world. I hope you will do the same.

Joseph Polunc

  • Jeff

    All I hear is doom and gloom. I hear nothing about what YOU are going to do to change the outlook of the country. If all you can do is bad mouth people you are just part of the problem.

    Do you understand what Obamacare does? Do you enjoy watching people who have had cancer get it again and not be able to get insured and treated? Other peoples suffering does not matter?

    Are there people taking advantage of the systems that are in place? Sure there are. Always have been and always will. You seem to think that the 51 to 53% of the country that went Blue this year are all takers. Maybe, just maybe they are people like me who have full time jobs who support their family and pay taxes. Maybe they are people who do not discriminate because if someone sexual orientation. Maybe they are business owners who want to provide insurance to their employees because its the right thing to do and save money in the long term. Maybe they are people who are sick of hearing that having a child by rape is gods plan and the woman should have no choice. Maybe they are people who are sick of the wealthy not paying their fair share and making record profits even during the recession. Maybe, just maybe there is a better way that is not just about the almighty dollar but about making sure everyone is taken care off when they most need it.

    If we are to be the leader in this world we really need to take good hard look at how we treat the people in this county who are not as fortunate as some of us. You can pray to God all you want, but I would rather try and do something about it.

  • Doug mulville

    Editor: This is in response to mr. Polunc’s continued letters. First off, I’d like to point out the hypocrisy of his government hating statements as he is in fact collecting benefits from a lifetime of working for said government. Crying wolf everytime something doesn’t go your way is irresponsible and actually hurts our American Experiment even further, particularly when you are now one of the “takers” you so blatantly despise. The Glenn Beck and FOX News talking points used by Joe and others of his ilk just further enrage the electorate rather than give them real information so I applaud his decision to finally just shut up. If you really want to make a point and back it up, maybe stop feeding at the government teat in retirement? Just an idea if you want to be taken seriously. Personally I have had enough of hypocrites on both sides screaming about whatever particular extremist point they have to make rather than looking at the bigger picture. Here’s a few common sense ideas…..Civil Unions SHOULD be legal, but keep the churches separate to make their own decisions to accept or deny. Next up, Voter ID should be mandated, but not with the ridiculous wording of the GOP bill that was put up for the referendum. To balance the budget, here’s an idea, how about actual accounting from every department of government about where the money is going and then respond with cuts in spending and changing the existing tax code to reflect our need to fix this mess. Instead of rhetoric designed to inflame the populace lets start working together for real solutions rather than ignorant ideas propagated by opinion based “news” sources. I realize taking the anger out of the debate and being pragmatic is hard for some, but hey, maybe its time to give it a try.
    Doug Mulville