12-6-12 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Dec. 5, 2002
The high water level on Lake Waconia this year is giving some lakeshore owners reason for concern. Long time marina owner Cindy Mase said she has never seen it this high this late in the year. According to the DNR this is the highest the lake has been at this time of the year since they have been keeping data on lake levels, which dates to the 1950s.
The Waconia Lions Club welcomed 10 new members at an induction ceremony Tuesday evening. They are: Maurice Mahon, Brian Reister, Jon Schuler, Todd Organ, John Clouse, Kristi Organ. Tim Collins, Chris Van Houtte, Scott Schmitt and Shawn Greseth.
At 23 years of age Staff Sgt. Stacey Leen of Waconia has received two Air Medals, each of them recognizing her participation in 10 combat missions. As a flight engineer, Leen takes on numerous responsibilities. She works with her team to figure speeds, weights and performance of the aircraft while in flight.
New Germany –Area fire departments responded to a chimney fire at Robert and Jodie Dobratz’ home in Hollywood Township. The fire originated in the chimney of a wood burning stove in the basement. No one was injured.
Edna Ohlsen died. She is the mother of Dr. Kermit Ohlsen of Waconia. She was 96.
The 2002-2003 Wildcats boys’ basketball seniors are: Evan Johnson, Micah Young, Philip Litfin, Kory Rambow, Dan Philp and John Keefe.
The Waconia High School gymnastics captains this season are Ali Klason and Molly Anquist. The new coach is Stephanie Swenson.

25 Years Ago – December 3, 1987
Waconia, population 3,177, had retail sales of $9,663 per capita for 1986, resulting in a ranking of 42nd out of 176 Minnesota cities. The annual retail sales study includes Minnesota cities with populations over 2,500 and more than four businesses.
A paramedic sustained bumps and bruises when a Waconia ambulance rolled on Sunday. The ambulance was transporting a woman to Abbot Northwestern Hospital. The patient on board had been strapped in and did not sustain any injuries. She is doing fine at the hospital after being transferred to another ambulance. “The driver did a good job of maintaining control,” according to Ridgeview Hospital Administrator John Devins.
Deana Speak was selected to represent Lucia at the Lucia Day festivities at Faith Lutheran Church in Waconia. Candidates for the title were Erika Lehmann, Kerri Felt, Deana Speak, Libby Deardorff, Kim Carl and Cristiane Barros Leal.
TAN-FASTIC TRAVEL: 10 sessions $35.00. Allisun beds with face tanner. Robin Noeldner, LaVonne Koosman, Jane Eveslage. Located behind American Family Building. Olive St. Entrance.
Judy Leivermann, clinical director of Ridgeview Home Care Services, attended the Region Five Home Care Conference in Chicago. Leivermann was chosen by her Minnesota colleagues to represent the state.
The Waconia girls basketball team trounced Jordan in the season opener. Waconia 71-45. Head coach Jim Tisel complimented the play of leading scorer Tracy Johnson, who had 17 points. He also praised the offensive and defensive play of guard Melanie Steinborn and the defensive play of Cindy Buetow. Assisting coach Tisel are Steve Hullander, B Squad coach and Mark Torberg, ninth grade coach.

50 Years Ago – December 6, 1962
The Waconia Girl Scouts celebrated 50 years with a birthday ceremony. The new troop leaders are Mrs. Chas. Machtemes, Mrs. Gilbert Hoen, Mrs. Morris Kortgaard, Mrs. Robert Lundgren, Mrs. Russell Whittaker, Mrs. Henry Hansen, Mrs. Alvin Hartmann, Mrs. Fremont Radde and Mrs. Wilfred Braun.
Mayer – The Lutheran High School Crusaders boys basketball team cut apart Glen Lake 65 to 47. Paul Raedeke, Clarence Honebrink and Charlie Froh were all in double figures.
A hundred members of the Island View Country Club enjoyed golfing at its best over the weekend when the temperatures registered in the 50s, an all-time record high for last weekend. Fred Mielke, Art Thorud and T. J. Fischer shot a 50, 49 and 51 respectively.
Roger Hegstrom, a senior chemistry and math major at St. Olaf College, Northfield, has been nominated for a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hegstrom of Waconia.
The Waconia High School matmen bombed Golden Valley 36-17. Morrie Bleedorn opened with a decision. Tom Rademacher followed with a pin. Steve Bleedorn pinned. Larry Poetz decisioned. Leon Kirsch pinned. Dennis Noeldner decisioned. Carl Hoernemann pinned. Larry Scheuble pinned. Danny Theis had a 4-4 draw.
BOWLING: Ladies Afternoon League: Individual high 3 games: Alta Nikolai-529, Mae Tinkham-501, Sharon Giesen-483, Ella Fritz-483 and Inez Buetow-476.

75 Years Ago – Dec. 2, 1937
Waconia deer hunters had a fair season. Of the 16 members of the local game club who went out to stalk their dinner, eight came back with deer. Alibis fill the air, ranging from poor weather and crusted snow to lack of deer in the state. Joe Fuchs, one of the old time deer hunters presents an interesting theory. It is his contention that the deer are just getting smarter and therefore harder to find. At least, some of the lucky nimrods can oil their guns and pack them away for another year, content in the knowledge they got their deer, and primed with stories for the hot stove league which they can interject casually when the talk of football and basketball dies down momentarily.
The Waconia Sub-Deb Club will sponsor a food sale to be held this Saturday afternoon at the Mackenthun Market. Delicious home-made cakes, pies, cookies and candy will be on sale.
Waconia will open the basketball season here Friday playing Shakopee. Coach Knutson has not picked any definite starting lineup, but the leading candidates include W. Gramith, Andy Scheuble, S. Radde, Kenneth Kunze, and Fox. They are being pushed hard by G. Radde, Maiser, E. Weinzierl, R. Smith, Vojtisek and Sauter.

100 Years Ago – Dec. 6, 1912
A wise highbrow wants to teach wives how to spend money. Might as well teach a dog how to bark or duck how to swim.
A glance at the yellow label on your paper or wrapper will tell whether you have paid your subscription or not. If the date doesn’t correspond with your receipt drop us a card at once.
It is fact not generally known if one holds his breath, wasps, bees and hornets can be handled wit impunity. The skin becomes sting proof, and holding the insect by the feet and giving her full liberty of action you can see her drive her weapon against the impenetrable surface with a force which lifts her body at each stroke, but let the smallest quantity of air escape from the lungs and the sting will penetrate at once. We give this for what it is worth, but you try it at your own risk.
F. W. Manteuffel has closed another auto deal whereby Frank Zeman became the owner of a new Ford automobile.
The Martin Ketcher and John Lobitz families called on the Lobitz family at Lakeside on Thanksgiving day.