Waconia School Board – Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Regular Meeting
The Board of Trustees
Waconia Public Schools

A Regular of the Board of Trustees of Waconia Public Schools was held Monday, October 8, 2012, beginning at 7:00 PM in the Waconia City Council Chambers.  Call to order by Chair Kittridge at 7:00pm
Members present: Kittridge, Weinand, Griffin, Thom, Johnson, Rothstein, Bullis
Members absent: none
Motions Approved (unanimous)
1. Adoption of Agenda
2. Approve minutes of the September 10th Regular and September 24th Special Meetings
Approve Bills and Wire Transfers
Approve Personnel Items
New Hires: Madison Chaffee PT Kids Co (replacement); Samantha Schmitt PT Kids Co (replacement); Matthew Livers FT ESP (new position at WALC based on increased enrollment); William Schmid PT Custodial Cleaner (new position based on increased enrollment); Dana Gentz PT Custodial Cleaner (replacement); Dawn Buck PT Nutritional Assistant (replacement); Courtney Kelzer ESP ELSE (replacement)
Employee Status Changes: Kathleen Schultz Health Associate (4.5 hrs/day to 6.5 hrs/day) (due to increased enrollment); Jodi Anderson Health Associate (3.5 hrs/day to 5 hrs/day) (due to increased enrollment); Sara Wolter ESP (4hrs/day to 6.25hrs/day) (replacement); Brittany Salonek (5.5hrs/day to 6.5hrs/day) (replacement); Shannon Swanson Kind. Asst (3.5hrs/day to 4.5hrs/day) (replacement)
Overloads: Wayne Trapp add 70 mins at WALC (increase based on student growth); Terry Gammell add 70 mins for first Trimester only (increase based on student growth)
Leaves of Absence: Kristopher Raether, Larry Sanocki, Dan Benham, Terry Almquist, Barb Schank, Cortney Schmidt, Laura Niemela
Approve Assurance of Compliance Certificate
Receipts of Donation:
• $4650. Memorial donated by Ron Knutson in memory of his wife Judi, former District 110 Teacher.  The memorial will go towards the purchase of read-a-loud books for Bayview and Southview staff and students.
• $6300. donated by BV PTO for recess equipment, scanner, folding chairs, and ipads
• $1,987.46 donated by SV PTO for purchasing accelerated reader program and supplies
PSEO Tuition Billing Agreement with Minnesota State University – Mankato
4. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 7:17pm.  The preceding is a summary of the minutes on file at the District Office located at 512 Industrial Blvd, Waconia. The next regularly scheduled meeting is  November 12th at 7pm at the District Office.

Expenditures by Fund:
Gen fund    $1,510,466.
Food serv    $85,754.
Com ed    $70,449.
Jessica Kilian
(Published in The Waconia Patriot Dec. 6, 2012)