Youth baseball organization to make improvements at Watertown fields

Watertown Youth Baseball and Softball is expected to make a number of improvements to ball fields at both Highland and Evergreen Parks after being granted approval by the Watertown City Council last week.

The organization plans to put up a temporary outfield fence at one of the fields at Evergreen Park, make improvements to the batting cage at Evergreen, and make several improvements to the press box at Highland Park. The youth baseball and softball organization will fund all the projects itself and will provide all of the labor. The temporary fence at Evergreen Park will be installed in spring and taken down at the end of the season, and is in effort to replicate a more typical Little League baseball or softball field. The 280-foot fences at Field 3 at Evergreen Park a bit far for the younger players that play on the field. The new temporary fence is expected to be about 200 feet from home plate.

The other improvement at Evergreen Park won’t affect game play, but will improve conditions in the batting cage when it rains. When the cage was constructed, red rock was built up about 2 feet to level off the cage, but with no boundary around the side of the cage, the rock will wash out. The youth baseball and softball association intends to build a 2-foot wood retaining wall around the outside of the batting cage.

The organization will also make improvements to the Highland Park press box, which hasn’t seen any changes since the grandstand was built. The new work will include painting the inside walls and installing vinyl tiles on the floor. The walls will be painted white and gray, while the vinyl tiling is in an effort to make the floors easier to clean than the current wood floors.