Royals soar past Rockford in first meet


The Watertown-Mayer gymnastics team got off to a strong start to the season last Friday night, taking the top three spots in the all-around and defeating Rockford 137.55 to 115.375 in a home dual. The meet was the Royals’ first of the season.

“I think it could be the highest score we’ve ever started out with,” Watertown-Mayer head coach Steve Hangartner said. “I know we’ve started out with 135 before in the past, but usually we’re right around the low 130s. To get 137 is really hitting it. I was hoping we’d be up there, and then we can work our way into the 140s and 150s.”

Junior Brooke Leaf took the top spot in the all-around with a score of 34.925. Tina Scanlon was second with a score of 33.8, and Katie Heilman was third with a score of 32.8.

In individual events, the Royals took the top five spots on floor, vault and bars. On floor, Leaf scored a 9.075, Caitlin Duske was at 8.975, Scanlon scored 8.675, Megan McCain scored 8.65 and Heilman scored 8.2.

On vault, the top score belonged to Scanlon, who took first with a 9.175. Heilman was second at 9.1, Leaf was third at 9.0, Duske was fourth at 8.95 and Matrella was fifth at 8.995.

However, it was bars that Hangartner considered one of his team’s best events. Scanlon and Leaf tied for first on that event with scores of 8.625, while McCain was third at 8.075, Heilman was fourth at 7.7 and Ally Matrella was fifth at 7.1.

The Royals faltered a bit on beam, but McCain’s 8.575 was still enough to finish in first place. Leaf tied for third with an 8.225 and Heilman was fifth at 8.2

“We’ve really been putting a lot of time into (bars),” Hangartner said. “There still a lot of stuff we have to do, but they all dismounted with double backs, so that was nice. Our vault was pretty strong, floor was pretty decent, but beam was definitely our weak event. We need to pick that up.”

The Royals will return to action on Friday, Dec. 7, at Delano. The Royals will also compete Saturday, Dec. 8, at the Prior Lake Invitational beginning at noon.