12-13-12 CCN Letters to the Editor

Marlette’s piece on education was spot-on

To the editor:

I wanted to thank Mr. Marlette for sharing such a great message with the community in his superintendent’s report published in the Dec. 8 issue of the Carver County News. Mr. Marlette did a great job of communicating the importance of a positive attitude, individual accountability, and the shared responsibility of everyone in our community to educate our children.

I am pleased that Mr. Marlette brought this message forward and commend him on such a well written piece. I cannot agree more with Mr. Marlette that everyone in our community needs to be involved in teaching our children.

I especially like the part of the article that talked about appreciating the gifts we are given, the sacrifices made by others, and the need to take pride in our community. I am thrilled that our superintendent has identified the importance of these values. I believe all too often we take for granted the blessings we have been given. This is easy in a country with so many gifts. If we adults do not demonstrate these values and consciously work to teach them, our children will grow up without learning a commitment to the community, the importance of service, or how to sacrifice. And without these important values, I fear we will raise a generation that is selfish and feels entitled to gifts that others in our community have sacrificed to create.

As I approach my first term on the City Council I am committed to teaching and sharing these values. In fact, I think it would be good if we developed a vision and values statement for our community. This value statement could help us lead our community in a manner that fosters and promotes the types of values that our community admires. I think many of the values Mr. Marlette identified would be on top of the list.

I hope that everyone had an opportunity to read such a wonderful article. I also encourage everyone to take the time to reflect on such a profound message and challenge oneself on how one’s attitude can help teach the values we need in our future leaders. Good job Mr Marlette! Keep up the good work.

Steve Washburn



Christmas time is many things

To the editor:

Christmas Time is many things. It is a time of peace and joy, excitement, sorrow and loneliness. A time for family and friends, waiting and anticipation, stress and anxiety. A time of giving thanks and giving to others. A time of sadness and loss, reflection and being thankful for what we have. A time for childhood memories and traditions, and a time for helping others.

In this busy season I would like to say “Thank You” to the following people who took the time out of their busy schedules to help make the Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting Event happen, on Friday Nov. 30:

The city of Watertown and public works crew for decorating our downtown with garland and lights.

The Watertown Fire Department for decorating one of the Fire Trucks with Christmas Lights and providing a ride for Santa to get to City Center Park.

To Santa, for taking time out of his busy schedule to stop by and visit with everyone who attended the tree lighting.

To the acting mayor of Watertown for giving a brief message prior to the tree lighting. To the carolers from Christ Community Lutheran School for providing us with Christmas carols at the tree lighting.

To the Watertown businesses who participated in the Downtown Holiday Open House activities. Whether it was with free goodies and treats, or special pricing on certain items or services at your business.

To the residents of Watertown who attended the tree lighting. Without you this event would be nothing. Thanks to all for making this event happen.

If you have a day when the stress of the Holidays is getting you down, just go down to City Center Park after dark, and enjoy the beauty of the lights on the Pine Trees, and Railing and Lamp Posts along the Boardwalk. It may just lift your spirits a little. Happy Holidays.

Scott Cassidy

Chamber Retail Committee