Ribbon cut for joint truck station

Carver County and Minnesota Department of Transportation officials recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new joint use truck station located in Chaska. The 56,500 square foot facility is located off of Highway 212 and County Road 11. The Carver County portion of the facility is about 11,000 square feet and will house county equipment as well as five county maintenance staff.

“Carver County is pleased to join forces with MnDOT on this joint use facility,” said Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik. “This project demonstrates what can get done when two government entities get together, pool their resources so that in the end, everyone wins.”

Some of the wins include:
• Efficiency: Both Mn/DOT and Carver County will save the taxpayers money through bulk purchasing, sharing space in one facility and jointly using equipment and road material in one location.

• Effectiveness: For Carver County, this new location is well positioned geographically to handle future county growth which distinguishes the county from many others in the state. This site will allow for faster response times from public works to various road and bridge issues, including snow plowing. The location provides excellent access to the county’s roadways.

• Managing growth: The space in the new building is almost double that of the existing truck station in Chaska. The old facility is a one story block building constructed in the 1970s that has ongoing maintenance issues and limitations.