Waconia Library to feature Georgia Kandiko

KandikoIrisCMYKGeorgia Kandiko, who lives in Carver County, will be exhibiting her paintings at the Waconia Library during the month of January 2013. In addition, her husband, Joe, will have his photographs shown at the Chanhassen Library in January.
“I do mosaic work, paint in water based mediums as well as oil paint, but watercolor is my favorite medium,” Georgia said. “I love the magic that can happen when water plays with paint. I like to set up possibilities in the painting process and then respond to the cool effects.”
As her husband is an accomplished photographer, does she ever do paintings based on his photos?
“I do use my husband’s photographs as references for some of my paintings. He has such a great eye for composition, I frequently think, ‘Oh, I want to paint that!’ when I see his images,” she said. “I do have to be careful, though, because a great photograph does not necessarily make a good painting. I take lots of reference photographs. Joe is very helpful in making photographic suggestions when we are both shooting.”