Writing workshop at Waconia Library Jan. 5

Please join us for the newly forming Waconia Writer’s Workshop. The Workshop will be an ongoing event held the first Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m. in the Waconia Library’s fireplace area. The first one will be held on Saturday, Jan. 5.
The format is tentatively set for:
• Review a literary term (2-4 minutes)
• Author Spotlight or excerpt (5 minutes)
• 1 person share a piece of work (varies- keep under 15 minutes)
• 1 person critique (5 minutes) (some guidelines:   http://www.shortstorygroup.com/critique.htm
• Writing exercise (15 minutes)
• Share writing exercise (15 minutes)
• Assign roles for next meeting (2 minutes)
The group will be informal and people may come as often as you like and/or “drop in” to visit.
For more information, contact the library at (952) 442-4714.