Watertown Pharmacy owner opens new store in Spring Park

Watertown residents who find themselves in the Westonka area can now support a local business owner there as well. After more than a decade of success in Watertown, Watertown Pharmacy owner Rose Rosdahl recently expanded her business with a second store in Spring Park.

The new pharmacy, called Spring Park Pharmacy, opened on Nov. 14, and Rosdahl said the new location is very similar to the Watertown store. The new store is located next to the Ridgeview Medical Westonka Clinic, and Rosdahl said the community has been very supportive so far.

“The community has really been welcoming us,” she said. “They’re excited to have an independently owned pharmacy again.”

Rosdahl said the new location was chosen in large part because of its proximity to the Ridgeview Clinic, making it convenient for patients to fill their prescriptions. Also, Rosdahl said she already had numerous customers from that area who came to the Watertown location, so adding a second location in the Westonka area made sense. The setup is similar to her Watertown store, which is located on Lewis Avenue in Riverbend Plaza, along with the medical clinics there.

“We’re able to provide pharmacy services next to the clinic, kind of how we do here in Watertown,” Rosdahl said. “I think it was one of the busier clinics that Ridgeview has. There’s a lot of population there and not a lot of competition there.”

Rosdahl said she aims to continue to spend the vast majority of her time at the Watertown store. The full-time pharmacist at the Spring Park store is Leanne Rindahl, who worked at the Watertown store for about 8 years.

Rosdahl has owned the Watertown Pharmacy for the last 12 years. She bought the store in 2000, when it was located in the EconoFoods building. The store moved to its current location in Riverbend Plaza in 2001.

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