Good News – Asking for God’s blessing on you

A few months back I had the honor and privilege of attending the Minnesota Prayer Breakfast at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis.
This non-denominational gathering of Christians from all over Minnesota welcomed a number of honored dignitaries from our incredible state. Governor Mark Dayton addressed the sold-out event along with Mary Pawlenty, wife of former Governor Tim Pawlenty, and other community leaders. Kurt Zeller, former Speaker of the House was also present along with a host of Minnesota leaders in politics, business and within the faith community.
The theme for this event was “Unity” and a better one could not have been chosen.
It doesn’t take a good deal of insight to realize we’re living in a day of increasing dis-unity in our culture and world and it seems to be increasing by the day.
With the fall elections in our rear view mirror, the challenges of polarization continue to increase. But it simply doesn’t have to be that way. We have choices to make, but they don’t have to alienate us from one another.
As a follower of Christ, you and I may disagree on a number of things, but the commands of Christ still dominate my life and I will follow them to bring peace wherever possible. Jesus said in Mark 9:50 that we are to “… live in peace with each other.” The Apostle Paul in Romans 12:18 instructed us “Do all you can to live in peace with everyone.” That’s pretty clear … and living a peaceful life with others does a host of good things to our minds and bodies as well.
At the prayer event, we spent a good deal of time praying for those in authority over us as the Bible commands us.
We asked God to bless and fill with wisdom our President and national leadership, our Governor, former Governor, Legislators, state workers, local officials and every elected and appointed leader in our country. We asked God’s blessing on our business community and our leaders in every industry.
We humbled ourselves and asked God to forgive us for our failings and sin, and asked Him to revive our hearts and strengthen our nation.
It was a thrill to bring those whom I completely disagree with … to God and ask Him to bless them and to accomplish His purposes through them. While we may take opposing views, the love of Christ fills my heart with love for you …and I will pray for you and ask God’s blessing on you … always!
The congregation I lead prays for Waconia often. We pray God’s blessing on our city, upon our leaders, upon our business community, upon our government workers and community leaders of all types.
We pray beyond our city as well, for the communities in our region, for our county officials and leaders.
I’m also a part of the Waconia Ministerial Fellowship which meets monthly, and we consistently unite in prayer for our community.
It is an honor and a privilege to come before God, and in prayer and petition, seek Him for His blessing upon each of you! The Bible tells us that when we turn to Him in repentance and confession … He will hear us, forgive us and pour out His blessings upon us!
Be blessed and prosper Waconia! Be blessed and prosper Carver County! Be blessed and prosper Minnesota!
We are praying for you!

By Randy Burg, Pastor of ParkSide Church in Waconia.