Royal Happenings: Maud Hart Lovelace program at W-M Elementary

By Linda Quaas

MHL is a Minnesota state children’s choice book award to encourage recreational reading.

A committee of librarians/teachers nominates 12 titles each year. Our library purchases 10 copies of each nominee.  I introduce the fourth and fifth grade students to the books through book talks during their Library Media time.

Our students started reading the nominees last fall. When they finish a MHL book, they can fill out a reading slip and add a sticker to our chart in the hallway.

So far, our fourth-and fifth grade students have read over 170 books.  By May, that number is usually over 500!

We already have two students, Sonja Bimberg and Ella Foley, who have finished reading all 12!


MHL Reading Incentives

Fourth Grade: Read 6+ nominees to be entered in a class drawing for new books and prizes

Fifth Grade: Read 6+ to be eligible to participate in the MHL Book Bowl in May!

Those who read all 12 get a new book (or Book Fair certificate), chose a MHL book from library to keep and get their picture posted on the wall outside the library.

Any fourth or fifth grade student who reads 3 or more nominees may vote in the statewide vote in March.

This has been a great program to encourage a love of reading with our students.

We look forward to the fifth grade MHL Book Bowl in May!

Linda Quaas is the Library Media Specialist at Watertown-Mayer Elementary School.