Zion ready for National Lutheran Schools Week

Each year our Lutheran schools have the opportunity to celebrate National Lutherans Schools Week. This year it falls on the last week of January and we begin our week of celebration off with a worship service at Mayer Lutheran High on Jan. 27.

We are hosting three different open houses during the week this year and opening our doors to anyone in the community to come in and see what Zion may offer for their family. One of our traditions of the week is to host a Pizza, Pop, Performance night. Any student in the school can volunteer to share a talent or skill that they have with the families who come to be entertained. We serve pizza and pop and it is a great time of fellowship and fun for all.

One of our other big traditions is to support an organization called 363days.org. We make sandwiches that have nothing on them but meat and cheese, put them in baggies and then they are delivered to the homeless on the streets of Minneapolis. Our goal this year is to make 1,000 sandwiches.

We also support Pennies for Patients and do lots of fun activities to raise money for those kids. We focus on service, and we celebrate excellence in this week that is set apart for our Lutheran Schools. Zion continues to celebrate our 100 years of education as well and our proud of our Lutheran heritage in the Mayer community.

Kris Thomas is the School Administrator at Zion Lutheran School in Mayer.