Highway 212 study receives funding

Carver County officials recently learned that MnDOT will be providing an additional $400,000 in funding for a Highway 212 Corridor Study – from the city of Carver to Norwood Young America. These funds will augment existing federal, state and county funds making the total available for the corridor to be $1,300,000. This funding can be used for design study, right of way acquisition and construction. The Southwest Corridor Transportation Coalition has worked successfully for many years to secure federal funding for this high priority corridor.

“The result of the study will outline potential projects that can improve safety and manage access,” said Carver County Commissioner James Ische. “The Highway 212 Corridor Study is a very important step in developing a comprehensive strategy for this segment of Highway.”

Elements of the Highway 212 Corridor Study will include developing an access management and safety plan; conducting a phasing plan and right of way acquisition plan for the corridor; and prioritizing access and safety projects in the corridor and developing funding strategies for these projects. Once the access, safety and phasing projects are prioritized, work will began on design plans, right of way and environmental documents for the high priority projects.

Carver County will be the lead agency for the study and work on the plan is anticipated to start in May on this year. If you have any questions about this study, contact Carver County Public Works at (952) 466-5200.