2-7-13 CCN Letters to the Editor

Carver County DFL to welcome Sen. Marty

 To the editor: 

The Carver County (Senate District 47) DFL enthusiastically announces that Senator John Marty will be its guest speaker following its regular monthly meeting on Feb. 11. The public is invited to hear one of Minnesota’s most renowned state legislators discuss the hottest topics on his legislative agenda, including his pending “Worker Dignity” bill and proposed single payer Minnesota Health Plan.

Senator Marty is by far the most energetic and practical progressive voice in the state Senate. A St. Olaf graduate with a degree in Ethics, Marty has served in the legislature since 1986 and is known for refusing to accept soft money campaign contributions or contributions from lobbyists. Immensely popular in his home district, he recently won reelection to the Senate by a whopping 74 percent of the vote. In 1994, Senator Marty was the DFL endorsed candidate for Governor, also winning the DFL gubernatorial primary that year.

As a legislator, Senator Marty is the best friend of those who work hard and still struggle to make ends meet. He holds a core belief that every person who works full time for a living deserves to be rewarded fairly. Full time workers should be able to afford adequate food, shelter and other necessities of life, including health care, and “should not be forced to live in poverty.” According to Marty, “Paying workers a living wage is the most important action that can be done to reduce poverty and welfare costs.”

Pointing to recent legislative action that increases the number of people living in poverty, Marty’s “Worker Dignity” legislation counters this poverty-producing impact by 1) providing access to affordable childcare, 2) raising the minimum wage to where it would be if it had increased with inflation since the 1960s, 3) increasing family tax credits for low income workers to ensure that people are better off working and paying taxes than living on welfare, and 4) reestablishing a nationally touted Minnesota jobs creation program that assists small businesses in hiring the unemployed.

Consistent with the goal of ensuring that all Minnesotans are equipped with the basic necessities, especially comprehensive healthcare, Senator Marty’s Minnesota Health Plan is designed to eliminate the problem of un-insurance and under-insurance. In comparison with the current system, the Minnesota Health Care Plan would actually save money, provide a full range of health care services to everyone (including dental, prescription drugs, home health care, nursing home care and mental health) and permit patients to see the medical providers of their choice. It would replace the current unwieldy system of premiums, co-payments, exclusions and deductibles.

Senator Marty’s legislative proposals are not only visionary, they are indisputably practical and the economics have been extensively researched. We invite you to listen to Senator Marty explain in detail these proposals and others. Senator Marty’s talk will begin at 7 p.m. at the Victoria Fire Station off Hwy 5. Please park in the rear.

Phil Benson

Watertown Township

DFL Outreach and Inclusion Officer 

for Senate District 47