Waconia releases satisfaction survey

The city of Waconia will again be measuring itself with performance standards as suggested by the council on Local Results and Innovation (CLRI). These standards will help the city develop a measurement and reporting system that will aid in the management of local government services.
CLRI was formed by the Minnesota State Legislature to research and review programs and platforms in which the efficacy of local government service delivery can be measured. The 10 performance standards will aid residents, taxpayers, and state and local elected officials in determining the value, efficiency, and desirability of city services. By adopting the performance standards and the reporting requirements the city stands to gain financial benefits such as a small payment of Local Government Aid and more local control of levy limits.
A critical piece to the Performance Measurement Program is to engage citizens in surveying their opinion of city services. In partnership with the League of Minnesota Cities, an on-line survey tool has been developed in which citizens can provide responses to a variety of topics and questions.
This survey will be available for citizens to provide input until the end of February. At that time the responses will be tabulated and combined with other data City staff has compiled. This information will be put into report form and be submitted to the Office of the State Auditor and be made available to the citizens of Waconia.
To access this survey, visit the city website at www.waconia.org.
For more information on the Performance Measurement Program you can visit the Office of the State Auditor website at www.auditor.state.mn.us.