Former Waconia Moravian Church minister passes away

Rev. Milo A. Loppnow
Rev. Milo A. Loppnow

The Retired Rev. Milo A. Loppnow, who served the Waconia Moravian Church congregation during World War II, passed away on Monday, Feb. 4. At the time of his death, Loppnow was 99 years old and living in Watertown, Wis.
According to his obituary,  in addition to his regular pastoral duties, Loppnow taught high school, provided support for military families, and served as County Home Service Chairman for the American Red Cross. This required regular visits to the Japanese language school in Savage to assure safe, humanitarian treatment of the Japanese prisoners of war.
At the end of the war, Loppnow left Waconia to serve in Wisconsin.
Although Loppnow served in Waconia many decades ago, he hasn’t been forgotten by those who knew him.
John Splettstoesser of Waconia is one of those citizens. After hearing about Loppnow’s passing, Splettstoesser said the news brought back fond memories of his association with Loppnow when he was a youngster as well as Loppnow’s ability to relate to congregation members of all ages.
“My memories of Rev. Loppnow and the Moravian Church are of a different facility on the same corner of Waconia, where I received my first communion and my sister played the piano for the hymns (an organ took a few more years to appear),” Splettstoesser recalled. “Rev. Loppnow was pastor when a building program occurred for the church, enlarging and remodeling it, with members of the congregation helping with the construction, alongside professional carpenters and masons. Additions came later to provide better facilities for Sunday School, for example.”
Splettstoesser also recalled attending Moravian summer camps when he was in his teens at locations in Wisconsin and that Loppnow was one of the counselor/leaders at the camps.
“As I recall, he was very adept at showing the younger crowd what an athlete he was on the volleyball court” Splettstoesser said.
The Pederson-Nowatka Funeral Home is working with the family. To read Loppnow’s obituary, visit