2-21 CCN letters to the editor

Bachmann enjoyed visit to Watertown

To the editor: 

Following a successful event in Monticello, I was excited to visit Watertown on Feb. 9 for my second “Coffee With Your Congresswoman” of the year. I am blessed to now represent the wonderful people of Carver County in the halls of Congress, and appreciated the opportunity to see so many new faces. Thank you to Luce Line Lodge for providing a great forum for conversation. And thank you to everyone who braved the cold and snow to come meet with me.

I am a firm believer that communication between citizens and their elected officials is paramount in a free society, so I was pleased to have State Representative Ernie Leidiger and other local officials in attendance to join me in addressing concerns on both a state and federal level. As I travel the district, I hear a lot of similar concerns. Minnesotans are worried about protecting our Second Amendment rights. Business owners want the economy to grow again. And farmers are interested in wildlife and agriculture legislation. I take your concerns to heart and consider them whenever I vote.

It was also a real honor that Barbara McDonald, the widow of the beloved former State Rep and Mayor KJ McDonald, took time out of her day to stop by. KJ was a dedicated leader both in Watertown and in the State House. Although we said goodbye to him this last year, his legacy of service lives on in this wonderful community.

Thank you again to all who came out to Luce Line Lodge. I care about this district, and if there is anything my staff or I can do, please don’t hesitate to contact my Anoka office at 763-323-8922.

Michele Bachmann

U.S. Congress


GOP must stick to its conservative agenda

To the editor:

If you had an opportunity to listen to or read about what President Obama and Gov. Dayton have in store for you, it isn’t encouraging. Minnesotans will likely be hammered from two directions, Washington and St. Paul. Both are big government ideologues which means job one is to grow government at the expense of the private sector.

The promises of higher taxes on the wealthy reduces available capital from private investment. This limits the growth of our economy and the potential revenue to government. Democrats will never admit that government spending benefits are fleeting and finite. Yet private sector investments are long lasting — with real jobs and expansion.

How perverse is the Democrat statement that government doesn’t have a spending problem but a revenue shortfall!

This Keynesian Economic theory that the Democrats cling to feeds their insatiable appetite for money by relying on higher taxes and the printing of new dollars. This drive to punish the rich serves to stifle the entrepreneurial spirit that adversely affects the middle class with fewer jobs and higher prices. Printing more dollars serves to fuel an inflationary potential that is inevitable. According to new research from the Federal Reserve in St. Louis, they conclude in part: “government stimulus shrinks the private sector.”

The President is very clever in that he is campaigning to improve the economy yet he is the reason for its continued paltry growth!

In a recent N.Y. Times poll and a Luntz Focus group, the participants did not like the direction the country was headed but yet felt the President was doing a good job trying to improve conditions! The GOP is missing an opportunity here.

Gov. Dayton has the luxury of a Democrat controlled House and Senate. The Republicans are left to push the “NO” button and watch as government spending ramps up. To date, the Gov. wants $3.6 billion in new taxes including $2.1 billion in new sales tax. Republicans can only blame themselves for this. They failed to deliver a clear concise message to the voters last November.

The hardest lesson for the Republicans to learn, whether in St. Paul or Washington, is that they should be extremely wary when “reaching across the aisle.” “Compromise” to a Democrat is getting 90 percent of what they wanted. It is a new paradigm that must be recognized. While an ill advised public bemoans “gridlock,” we should recognize that no action is better than improper action. Democrats are masters at this because they demand complete allegiance to their platform.

My view is that the GOP must stick with their conservative agenda and continue to educate the voters as to the benefits of a vibrant economy. With so many Americans living off the largess of big government, this is becoming a harder lesson to get across. The Republicans must endure the losses of the last election cycle as the result of their mixed messaging. Purging of moderates from the party is necessary, even if it means some bitter internal battles. If they fail to clean house, I see no future for a party which continues to say one thing and do another.

Sequestration will be the next test to see if the Republicans can stand firm. The Democrats and Obama have inadvertently boxed themselves into a fiscal corner. They are trying to illicit aid from the GOP to join them in “kicking the can.” We shall see how resolute the Republicans are with the mandated spending cuts. Failing that, Obama’s defeat of the GOP will be complete. They will have rendered themselves impotent for a long time. While elections matter, candidate integrity reigns supreme.

Joe Polunc