Elementary School buddies program develops bonds between older and younger students

RH Buddies 1 RH buddies 2Watertown-Mayer Elementary School fifth grade students have been able to take on new leadership roles this school year.  They have been assigned to younger-grade classrooms as “buddies”.

Each fifth grade student has one or two buddies from either first, second, or third grade.  Buddies meet at least once each month and participate in a variety of activities.  WMES staff members all agree – everyone benefits from the time spent with buddies!

Time is set aside on the last Friday of every month for classroom buddies to get together.  The younger-grade teachers usually decide which activities their students will participate in with their older peers. Fifth grade buddies have proven to be great listeners while being read to by emerging readers.  They model their own reading and comprehension skills by reading aloud to their younger peers and help with writing projects, art activities, math games, and science labs. At the end of every buddy time, the younger and older students are sad to part ways. The time goes quickly and all students eagerly anticipate the next session they will get to spend together.

Everyone can see the positive effects the older and younger students have on each other while spending time together. The younger students always try their hardest and give 100 percent effort. The fifth graders take their jobs as role models very seriously – they don’t want to disappoint the younger students.  They make sure they utilize all of the C.A.R.E.S. qualities they have learned to exhibit throughout their elementary school years. The students are caring, respectful, patient, and kind with their young buddies.  Overall, the buddy program is a huge success and will surely be continued in the years to come.