Family Frolics: A satisfied loser at a Super Bowl party

Everyone knows when sickness hits a house, life generally slows down. Such was the case for our house in January. Both my husband and I came down with illnesses that pretty much knocked us out for the month. His turned into bronchitis, mine was a nasty sinus infection and some respiratory thing that actually kept me out of work for a week.

Of course through all this, the kids still had dance and volleyball and basketball and hockey. My husband might not have had a voice but he could still blow a whistle for the kids at hockey. Unlike me, he never missed a day of work even though he sounded like he was coughing to death at night. I am pretty sure his employees wished he spent a couple of those days at home!

We are hopefully on the mend now. But it has been a slow process. I recovered in time to go to a Super Bowl party. My husband stayed home with our son (they are our anti-social family members) and my daughter and I went. We are the extremely sociable members, in case you couldn’t tell! So my husband wished us goodbye and said, “come home a loser!”

This might need a little explanation. We were invited to this party last year. It was gently “suggested” that everyone buy at least five squares on the board. We found out after purchasing these squares that the lucky final winner not only wins the cash, but they win the rights to host next year’s party. Interesting. Especially when one owns a 1,200 square foot two bedroom home. Where would I put 30 people?

Fortunately, we did not win last year. But our friendship (and money for the squares) must be greatly appreciated because we were invited back this year. I bought my suggested squares and then settled in to watch the game. I watched it so well that I missed the 34-minute blackout. Oops.

As the game got closer and San Fran made their comeback, my name got mentioned as a possible winner. Now I am not a football fanatic, but suddenly I was a huge Ravens fan. And my cheering got louder as the 49’ers missed their attempt at a touchdown! I stayed until the end to confirm I was indeed a loser and then headed home where I was immediately greeted by son who asked, “Are we the winners?!”

No buddy, for once in our lives we are losers and we are all perfectly fine with that title!

Jennie Lundgren is a local mother who enjoys small town life with her family in NYA.