Because I know it is true

Pastor Mike Frey, “Good News”

Being politically correct seems to be the order of the day. I meet so many people out of the public eye who tell me their convictions and then fail to stand for them when they are approached with an opportunity to speak up.

It is our nature to please people in all areas of our life.

As the pastor of the Northern Lights Baptist Church I find myself often tempted to hold back saying certain truths that may “hurt someone’s feelings.” When faced with that temptation, the strengthening comfort I find is knowing that truth is not my own; it is the truth of my Lord Jesus Christ.

As a husband, a daddy to four small children (with one on the way), a Pastor, an employee at a Bank, a son, brother, friend, and citizen I must have a solid conviction that when I offer a word of help I can say it boldly because I know it is right.

We must state what we know is right with a heart of grace. Our Lord Jesus was full of Grace and Truth. If we are only filled with Grace and no Truth we would not tell people what they need to hear. If we are only filled with Truth and no Grace we would become so starchy that we would never help anyone in need. We must be people who take a stand for Truth in a spirit of Grace. In our church each ministry is for the furtherance of the Gospel.

If we give a hungry person without Christ a meal and then shy away from giving them the gospel, we are sending people to Hell with a full belly. If we give a naked person clothes and shy away from giving them the gospel, we are sending them to Hell with a pair of clothes on their back. In every instance that Jesus Christ solved a humanitarian need, he also was found preaching and teaching the gospel of Truth.

We must be people who are generous and not afraid to tell people what they need; people filled with Grace and Truth.

We must state what we know is right with a heart of love. When we speak to someone harshly, defenses go up that bar communication.

A real mark of maturity is when someone learns that speaking the truth in love is the most impacting mark they can leave. Nobody cares what you have to say until they know you truly love them. This is the difference between authority and power.

For example, as the pastor, I have a certain authority in my church. I can say, “We need to change this…” and “We need to stop this…” Although I have every right to say those things in that place of authority, I understand that until the people I minister to see me crying with them, working with them, rejoicing with them, helping them, and loving them I will not have any power to influence their life. This authority and power applies to any relationship in life: marriage, parental, friendships, and work. We must be people who speak the truth in love.

We must state what we know is right out of a heart of obedience. We will all stand before our Creator and give an account of the life that God has given us. When He asks, “What did you do with that salvation I gave you? What did you do with that spouse, children, parents, friends, church, community, government, and world I gave you?” I hope that the account is very short of the instances when my mouth was stopped at the price of being politically correct so I didn’t hurt someone’s feelings. I know that the mocking I take here from people will be nothing compared to the joy I will have in the presence of my Lord God.

Some who read this will disagree with me. I don’t know what you think about life, but I can tell you that this is what I believe in my heart because I know it is true.


Pastor Mike Frey is with Northern Lights Baptist Church of Waconia.